What On Earth Actually Happened To Katy Perry’s Eye Onstage In Vegas? 

Katy Perry’s concerts are usually full of crazy costumes and visuals, but one recent show had some fans wondering if the pop star was actually a robot after Perry’s eye appeared to be “glitching.”

Perry’s Strange Eye-Twitch

Perry is currently performing in Las Vegas for her “Play” residency, singing her hit singles and putting on shows that involve elaborate props, sets, and costumes. Perry fans are always ready to see something unexpected from the singer, but a video from a recent show left many confused and concerned. 

In a now-viral TikTok, Perry can be seen standing on stage, her right eye closed. As her left eye blinks open and shut, the singer appears unable to open her right eye. She even brings a hand up to her temple, in an attempt to pull the eye open. 

She eventually gets it to open, pulls out her microphone, and continues with the concert. While the moment was short, fans have been talking about it online nonstop, joking about Perry’s “clone” or her being a “robot.”

Fans React: ‘Her Clone Was Glitching’

“Her robot seems to glitch a lot,” one person jokes. Another laughed, “Her clone was glitching. That’s scary.” Someone else wrote, “Lost Bluetooth connection.” Another said, “Conspiracy theorists are gonna have a field day with this one.”

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Others seemed to think Perry was merely messing around with her fans. “Sometimes I wonder if she does it on purpose,” one person mused. Another commented, “She knows they gonna take this video and make those clone videos about her.” 

Another didn’t find the eye-twitch itself strange, but rather, the pop star’s reaction to it. “It wasn’t the eye thing that was weird it was the fact she acted like it didn’t happen and went on with the show…” they wrote. One fan even gave a pretty good answer to the mystery of the “glitch,” arguing that it was Perry’s “eyelash glue getting stuck to her bottom lid.”

However, it was far, far simpler than anything like that. It was just a part of her show (she’s imitating a doll’s eye given the whole “Play” theme of the residency) and her favorite party trick. Perry had to address the viral moment herself, writing to fans on Instagram to clear up any concerns.

As Perry pointed out, it’s far from the only trick she pulls in her performances, making it a little odd that this one traveled so far. After all, she hasn’t had to clarify that she wasn’t actually floating on a cloud in the “California Gurls” music video or spontaneously combusting in the “Firework” video. The pop star loves to joke with her fans, and the winking video is just another instance of Perry messing around on stage.

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