What We Know About Keegan-Michael Key’s Wife, Elisa Pugliese

Keegan-Michael Key is probably best known for his professional relationships. During his comedy career, he spent years collaborating with Jordan Peele to make audiences laugh. However, fans are eager to know more about Key’s personal life as well.

After the comedian separated from actress Cynthia Blaise in 2017, he went on to marry Elisa Pugliese in 2018. Here’s everything we know about Key’s current wife.

Who Is Elisa Pugliese?

Elisa Pugliese has worked behind the scenes for a variety of TV shows and movies. According to her IMDb page, it looks like Pugliese got her start with some minor acting roles.

She currently has seven acting credits, including a part as a concertgoer in the 2003 film School of Rock. However, starting around 2007, Pugliese shifted her focus to producing.

Pugliese currently has 10 producing credits on IMDb. Her first producing credit was for an indie film called The Cake Eaters starring a young Kristen Stewart. One of her most recent jobs was as an executive producer on the TV show Brain Games.

She also worked as a segments director for the 75th Anniversary Peabody Awards. Also, it should be noted that, after marrying Keegan-Michael Key in 2018, Pugliese started going by Elle Key in her professional work.

One of those works is actually an Audible original audiobook called The History of Sketch Comedy: A Journey Through the Art and Craft of Humor with Keegan-Michael Key that she co-created, wrote, and directed. From what we can tell, it’s her only work with her husband, but it seems like they had a great time collaborating.

Key And Pugliese Got Engaged In November 2017

While it’s unclear how Key and Pugliese met, they began attending public events together in 2017, including the Emmy and Tony awards. In November of that year, Key announced that he and Pugliese were engaged.

According to Key, Pugliese planned their wedding in just six months. They tied the knot in June 2018 in an intimate ceremony in front of friends and family at their New York City home. As reported by People, Pugliese stunned in a gorgeous Prada gown for the occasion.

During a guest appearance on Live with Kelly and Ryan, Key joked that their small wedding felt a bit like a prom. “It was like the best prom I’ve ever been to,” Key assured the hosts.

Pugliese Picks Out Key’s Clothes

In addition to her expertise in film and television, it seems like Pugliese also has an impeccable eye for fashion. In another appearance on Live, Key revealed that Pugliese (whom he calls Elle) helps him coordinate his clothes.

“My wife Elle has impeccable taste. I’m one of those people that likes to leave things to the experts. So, everything on my body was chosen for me to wear today by Elle,” Key proudly declared.

Pugliese even made a brief appearance on the talk show, helping her husband tell the story of how his outfit came together. “She just has a knack for it. A real knack for it,” Key insisted.

However, it isn’t just his wife’s fashion sense that made Key fall for her. In an interview with Jimmy Kimmel, Key revealed that he and Pugliese bonded early on over their love of sports.

“One of the 475,000 things that’s fantastic about my wife is she’s also like an avid sports fan. For real, like a real sports fan,” Key explained.

He remarked that while other women know the biggest names in sports, Pugliese stays informed about nitty-gritty details. “She’ll watch games with me. Our den is very tastefully appointed. She has her little framed jersey of Eli Manning.”

Key Credits Comedy With Preparing Him For Marriage

Keegan-Michael Key has been open about how his career in comedy affects his relationships. However, fans may be surprised to find out that Key credits comedy with helping him put his ego aside.

Speaking to Cosmopolitan, Key revealed that he applies some of the same habits in his working relationships that he prides himself on in romantic ones.

“Our I-dos have been to comedy. It’s a ménage à trois,” Key said of his relationship with longtime collaborator Jordan Peele.

“One of our vows has been to forsake all others for comedy. By ‘all others,’ I mean our egos. You’ve got to ask yourself every day, ‘Am I being petty? Why am I arguing?’ It’s the same thing in a marriage.”

It’s obvious that Key and Pugliese were a match made in heaven. After over four years of marriage, Key still takes every opportunity to gush about his wife.

While they may have found each other a bit later in life, we predict they’ll be together for many, many years to come.

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