What We Know About Lisa Marie Presley’s Ex, Danny Keough


Elvis Presley was the inimitable king of rock and roll. Decades after his death, he is still considered music royalty and one of the foremost pop culture icons of the 20th century. Fans were riveted by every aspect of his life while he was alive. Elvis’ marriage to Priscilla Beaulieu in 1967 and the birth of their only child, Lisa Marie, the following year were among the hottest celebrity topics of that era.

Lisa Marie still commands attention for her musical talent and her four publicity-generating marriages. She has stayed remarkably close to her first husband, Danny Keough, a musician from Chicago who was born on Nov. 6, 1964.

Even though they divorced almost 30 years ago, they continue to live together. Why do they prefer this unconventional arrangement? This is what we know about their ongoing relationship.

Danny Keough And Presley Were Married From 1988 To 1994

Presley and Keough married in a small, intimate wedding at the Celebrity Center International of the Church of Scientology in West Hollywood after three years of dating. The occasion was a fiercely-guarded secret to all but their nine guests.

People called it “the quietest royal wedding of the century.” The bride was pregnant with the couple’s first child at the time. For their honeymoon, they cruised the Caribbean on the Scientology yacht the Freewinds.

Presley and Keough share two children: a daughter, Riley, and a son, Benjamin, who sadly passed away in 2020. They got a divorce in the Dominican Republic on May 6, 1994. Presley married Michael Jackson just 20 days later.

Keogh And Presley Remained Friends After Their Divorce

Keough and Presley weren’t your typical divorced couple who went their separate ways. In fact, they remained close both professionally and personally after the split.

In 2005, Keough played bass guitar in Presley’s band, and he was her musical mentor. He lived in the guest house on her property in 2003. Keough was even the best man at Presley’s fourth wedding to guitarist Michael Lockwood.

Presley explained the unique nature of their relationship when she said they were still close despite their divorce, and that they had a special, unconditional connection.

When Presley was interviewed for Rolling Stone in 2003, the interviewer was “somewhat surprised” that Keough was nearby, in another room, homeschooling their youngsters Riley and Ben.

Presley expressed her unequivocal affection for Keough. “He’s my absolute best friend in the world.” Presley gushed about Keough. “The smartest thing I’ve ever done is have children with this man, because I knew this is the one man I could be connected to for the rest of my life.”

Presley And Keough Moved Back In Together After Losing Their Son

An unimaginable tragedy brought Presley and Keough back together under the same roof. Their son Ben committed suicide on July 12, 2020. According to The Sun, he shot himself at the age of 27 at the family’s residence in Calabasas.

An unnamed source told The Sun, “Danny has moved around a lot in the past but came back to be by Lisa’s side immediately when they were left devastated by Ben’s death, he was staying with her at the Beverly Hills Hotel.”

The source continued, “They are now living with family at a new house in Calabasas and have been grieving together, it’s been an extraordinarily difficult time and he’s been a rock for Lisa.”

This person added that Keough and Presley were in seclusion most of the time as they mourned Ben’s loss. Presley was reportedly crushed by her son’s death and leaned upon Keough to help get through the heartbreaking aftermath.

Lisa Marie Presley seems to have found a true soulmate in her first husband, Danny Keough. Although the two decided to end their marriage years ago, they clearly count upon each other for emotional support. They have a deep, enduring mutual understanding which outlasted their marriage vows. 

Despite all the changes in Presley’s life over the years, her bond with Keough has apparently been a constant source of strength that she values highly.


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