Whatever You Do, Don’t Rush

This week, Mercury ends its last retrograde period until late December. Meanwhile, the Moon continues to wax toward its fullest phase. These celestial shifts will help lift the murky fog of misunderstanding we’ve been wandering through over the last couple of weeks. Motivational sparks will likely return—and so, too, will our self-assertiveness.

With all this newfound energy, it can be tempting to rush into things too quickly. However, the stars urge you to take things slowly. You’ll be able to return to full speed in due time. But move too soon, and you might rock the boat before you make it back out to sea. Go ahead and proceed, but do so cautiously.

How will your sign fare this week?

Swimming against the tide might satiate your need to assert yourself, but it’s not always the most productive approach. The stars urge you to dig deeper this week to understand why you’re trying to stir the pot. Is it because you’re uncomfortable with this newfound vulnerability?

Indeed, this type of honest openness can be frightening at first. But what’s worse, Aries: the temporary discomfort of being seen or preventing it from ever happening by alienating everyone around you? Not everything has to be a battle for dominance.

Your time, energy, and finances are finite resources, Taurus. As admirable as your loyalty to those around you can be, the stars urge you to exercise caution. Giving outside your means will benefit no one in the long run—least of all you. You don’t have to quit lending a helping hand altogether, but discretion would be wise.

Pay close attention to how you are spending these resources. Do they align with your values? Do you feel good about the investment? If either answer is shaky, then it’s time to reprioritize.

The struggles you’ve been grappling with for the past week or so are finally starting to subside. Now, you have the benefit of hindsight and wisdom. Use them to your advantage. As tempting as it might be to lick your wounds, now is the time to act on what you’ve learned.

Otherwise, all of that strife really was for naught. Wouldn’t you rather have something positive to show for all that struggle? Brush your shoulders off and forge ahead. You’re more capable now than you were before.

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When we find ourselves in an indecisive spiral, it’s often because we know the decision we must make—we just don’t like which one it is. Whether for comfort or out of sheer disinterest, you’ve been dragging your feet toward this much-needed change.

The stars are aligning in your favor to face this obstacle once and for all. Yes, it will be a little awkward. But eventually, you’d have to face this roadblock one way or another. Wouldn’t you rather have a say in how it goes?

Your loyalty and hopeless romanticism keep you tip-toeing a fine line between devotion and codependence. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to invest your time and energy into your closest relationships. To a certain extent, this is a necessary task.

However, the stars warn against putting so much of yourself into a relationship that you lose sight of your identity without it. You need to be able to stand firm in your own beliefs, not a shared couple’s persona. Take some alone time to recalibrate this week.

As miscommunications and tech mishaps sort themselves out, you might be tempted to return to full speed ASAP. Wanting to make up for time lost is understandable, but it’s not that easy. Things have only just started to realign. Moving too quickly could undo all of your progress thus far.

Ease back into your duties—both interpersonal and professional. This has been a tumultuous time; give that the respect it deserves. Give yourself time to get comfortable in your surroundings again, and offer others the same courtesy.

The universe is presenting a chance to stretch your philanthropic muscles, Libra. Indeed, you live for the chance to stand up for what’s right. While the stars suggest ample opportunities ahead, they also present a subtle warning: be careful not to lose yourself in the fight.

Try to resist the urge to throw your full weight behind this issue. You can be helpful without sacrificing your emotional, financial, and mental reserves. If it takes stepping away from the cause to remind yourself of your core values, then so be it.

Vulnerability has never been your strong suit. Consequently, you’ve developed a habit of navigating life as a mirror. Rather than presenting your true self, you mimic and reflect others’ behavior, mannerisms, and beliefs. However, don’t be fooled by others’ openness to this tactic; this is merely a defense mechanism.

By copying those around you, you basically guarantee they’ll take a liking to you. You shirk all accountability—and the risk of incompatibility. But the stars urge you to put the mirror down this week. Let those around you actually see you.

As the go-getter of the Zodiac, you require relationships that can withstand a bit of stagnancy. Your busy schedule doesn’t always allow you to take extra time out for dates or hang-out seshes. While it’s important you don’t take advantage of others’ patience, there are people who will understand your lack of time.

Still, you don’t get to forgo responsibility completely. It’s your job to communicate your feelings directly. You have every right to pursue your life path as you see fit, but you can’t leave people in the dark while you do it.

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If the reaction to you setting a healthy boundary is negative, then that’s a good sign that boundary needed to be set. Despite what your insecurities and people-pleasing tendencies might be telling you, standing up for yourself is not rude. Nor is it your responsibility to forgo mental wellness for someone else.

Those who believe it is don’t have your best interest in mind, anyway. Those who do have your best interest in mind will respect your needs for the sake of your emotional well-being. Don’t let others convince you not to advocate for yourself.

Differing opinions are not direct insults. It’s normal to disagree with someone, even if it’s someone with whom you’re particularly close. You are not required to alter your life path any more than they are required to change theirs. Sometimes, two roads naturally diverge.

However, this type of transition requires open communication to avoid hurt feelings. You can change your mind, but be sure to let other involved parties know your intentions. Both of you deserve to pursue paths which make you happiest.

You are incredibly sensitive to emotional flux, so much so that it makes it difficult for you to attend to your daily duties. While compartmentalization is a useful tool, it’s not always the most accessible. In times like these, it’s essential to listen to your gut.

Our subconscious can untangle mental knots before we realize what it’s doing. If you’re unsure of where to go or what problem to focus on, start with the ones that feel the most pertinent. What’s calling to you the loudest? That’s where your journey should begin.

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