Where Does Your Virtue Stand?

This week, the largest planet in our solar system turns retrograde. While faraway retrogrades typically affect us less than nearby ones, Jupiter’s extra large energy field easily covers the extra distance. When this enormous body goes retrograde, we are often forced to assess our inner belief systems.

When direct, Jupiter governs higher thinking, expansion, and optimism. It is the “good vibes” planet that encourages us to pursue our dreams, no matter how bold. But now, the stars urge us to carefully consider our beliefs and goals. How do they align (or oppose) our overall life path?

Finding the resemblance and the contrast is not an easy task. Still, it’s an important one. How will your sign fare in this struggle?

The periods of the most growth are often the most uncomfortable. They peel back layers of comfort and reveal raw vulnerability. Indeed, these obstacles and trials give us no choice but to confront the best and worst parts of ourselves.

Prepare yourself for what’s ahead, Aries. This transformation must occur no matter what. Digging your heels in will only prolong the inevitable. Keep your heart and eyes open, and rest assured that you’ll be stronger on the other side of this.

Our society puts far more emphasis on financial success than emotional. Consequently, we tend to prioritize only money-making endeavors. Even activities or hobbies that bring us joy are deemed “time-wasters” until they become monetized.

Breaking away from this mindset is challenging. Not only do these societal pressures engrain themselves deeply in our psyche. But those around you also might not realize why you’re doing it. Stay true to your path, Taurus. At the end of the day, your opinion is the only one that matters.

Your optimism could convince a five-mile storm front to switch course in the blink of an eye. Don’t underestimate the value of this kind of hopefulness. While some more cynical than you might brush it off as naivete, you mustn’t follow suit.

The world needs skeptics and dreamers. Too much of either will eventually devolve into chaos. However, they balance each other when they work together. Keep dreaming; just make sure to keep a few grounded, trusted friends close by while you do.

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Not everyone in your inner circle has your best interest in mind. Their intentions aren’t malicious—only self-centered. Thus, when you start to veer off the path they expected of you, they’ll protest. This is true even when you’re making the right choice for yourself.

Luckily, you are not beholden to anyone’s life path but your own. You have the universal right to pursue your own happiness however you please. If the protestors don’t have a place on this new path, then there’s likely a good reason.

Despite your external confidence, you are highly sensitive. Unfortunately, those around you don’t always remember this, treating you as though you have a tougher resolve than you do. Then, you feel lonely and unseen—two emotions you particularly hate.

Still, there is a silver lining to this recurring phenomenon. You’ve dealt with it before, so you know how to deal with it again. Moreover, you can help others feel better when they experience the same thing. In the end, the negative begets the positive.

Knowing the end result doesn’t make acting on it any easier. On the contrary, it usually makes it more difficult. You’ve been mulling this problem over for a while now. Recently, the universe has made it clear that there’s only one plausible outcome.

And as is typically the universe’s style, it isn’t the outcome you wanted. In these types of situations, ignorance is a now-unobtainable bliss. But isn’t that all the more reason to get started? You know it’s not going anywhere; why not get it over with?

You know better than anyone that what the world could be and what it is are sorely different. Yet, these outside forces still disaffect you internally. Why? Why would the solution to too much negativity be to join in on the pessimism?

Your way of thinking is invaluable in today’s pessimistic world. Now is the time to hold fast to your hopefulness, not brush it off as weakness. That’s exactly what society wants you to do, and that’s why you can’t.

Your powerful resolve can manifest in somewhat ironic ways. For example, you are not easily intimidated by others. You have no problem standing your ground even in imbalanced power dynamics. Consequently, you tend to hold back or bite your tongue because you assume others feel the same about you.

However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. People look to you for guidance more than you realize. If you have something to say, then say it. It’s time to stop underestimating your abilities, Scorpio.

Success is a potent liquor, Sag. In the right quantities, it can be empowering and emboldening. It inspires you to get those around you in on the fun. By allowing them to sip from your cup, they get to enjoy the same rewards.

But too much, and you can quickly become embittered and mean. Rather than sharing, you’ll start hoarding. And eventually, you’ll push those around you away. There’s nothing wrong with enjoying a taste. Just remember not to get drunk on it.

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Being simultaneously insecure and hyper-confident is a confusing existence, isn’t it, Cap? On the one hand, your high standards and tendency to overthink make you second-guess yourself to a fault. But on the other, you know on a subconscious level that you have the capability to do great things.

The stars urge you to find a better equilibrium between these two mindsets. It might feel uncomfortable at first, but it’s pertinent that you try. Finding that balance could be the key to your future success.

Your idealistic attitude is both a blessing and a curse. While it gives you an intense imagination and creative streak, it also lends itself to daydreaming about the greener grass on someone else’s lawn. It takes very little to bore you.

These feelings can intensify when a new opportunity comes along that conflicts with your current obligations. But rest assured, Aquarius. The notion that you could jump ship without affecting everyone else on the boat is a lie to make yourself feel better.

Ending relationships is never easy, no matter how consensual or necessary the split is. To avoid succumbing to these bittersweet feelings entirely, try to maintain some perspective. The longer you keep around detrimental connections, the longer you keep yourself from the beneficial ones.

As the old saying goes, one door closes so another can open. Don’t get so hung up on looking at the closed door that you ignore the several open ones on either side of you. This is a large step forward, Pisces—not a setback.

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