Who is Arthur Kar, the Guy in Charge of the Eiffel Tower on Outro of “No BS” on Her Loss from Drake and 21 Savage?


Rap is fertile ground for fun, sometimes apropos of nothing, interjections and outros from luminaries and nobodies from the rap universe. They’re the modern day rap skit.

If you’ve been listening to Drake and 21 Savage’s new banger album Her Loss on repeat over the weekend, you were treated to the latest — and one of the longest — outro speeches on “No BS.” In it, the unidentified man with a thick French accent talks poseurs in Paris flexing with cheesy expensive cars, claiming to be the guy in charge of the lights of the Eiffel Tower, and getting hype on “21 and The Boy,” aka Savage and Drake.

Here’s the speech in full:

Nah, I’m on, it’s midnight, I don’t care
Nothing’s happening on a Wednesday, I don’t care, I’m on
I’m looking for the smoke
This guy sitting front row, man, poof, who needs that?
Let me put my window down, I need fresh air
We don’t want that, we want bars
The reason why we listen to 21 and The Boy
That’s what we do in Paris, we don’t do Fashion Week
Fashion Week, it’s for the last decade, it’s not for us
It’s about the lights, the lights that we put on in the city
The lights of the Eiffel Tower
I’m in charge of it, I’m the one who’s putting it on every day
And you try to flex next, next to me on the red light with your ugly, whatever, flexing, most expensive car, V12
I drive a four-cylinder, I come from nothing, but I’m doing something and you cannot catch my drive
As fast as you try to go, you will never catch me, man
There is only one way, and this way I’m driving, nobody can do it
I’m Birdman, that’s who I am
In Paris
Brrt, brrt

So who is this sharp-tongued man in the driver’s seat of a four-cylinder? That would be car collector and apparel designer Arthur Kar.

Who is Arthur Kar: Kar is the founder of L’Art de L’Automobile, a Paris-based luxury dealership boasting an A-list clientele, and has been known to pal around with rappers and designers on both sides of the Atlantic. A Porsche enthusiast, Kar got his start at 16, washing Porsches in his boss’s garage before moving on to sell cars by his early 20s.

It’s not a huge surprise that Kar would pop up on a Drake track. Clearly a longtime fan, he’s can be seen rapping along to the 6 God in this ride-along with Hypebeast:

Her Loss, the album from Drake and 21 Savage, dropped Friday and has already racked up serious numbers. It’s projected to be Drake’s second number 1 debut this year, following Honestly, Nevermind from June.

And for those wondering who is the girl lucky enough to grace the cover of the album, that would be none other than adult dancer, nail stylist and Instagram icon Qui Yasuka, aka Suki Baby, reports Complex.


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