Why Do CBD Edibles Have A Longer Onset Time?


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As you may know, CBD edibles are CBD products that offer you their benefits through digesting them in your stomach. Nowadays, you can find a lot of CBD-infused edible products in the market. You can easily buy them from CBD stores, general pharmacies, supermarkets, etc and you don’t even need a prescription. Some popular CBD edibles include CBD gummies, CBD cookies, CBD candies, etc. CBD oil can also be used as an edible or can be used under your tongue.

Those who use CBD edibles know that it takes a while to show effect in your body. Have you wondered what the reason for this delay is? If you are a beginner in using CBD, you may have a lot of doubts. In this article, we are discussing the onset time of CBD edibles.

Consuming CBD edibles is an efficient way to deliver your body the health benefits of CBD. They can make your mind calm and relaxed and they don’t cause euphoria like marijuana. CBD edibles can be a perfect option for those who don’t like the earthy or grassy taste of CBD oil.

Researchers say that the studies on the therapeutic benefits of CBD are at an infant stage, but people who have used CBD edibles have noticed tremendous benefits from CBD. It is said that consuming CBD edibles is healthier than using other consumption methods like vaping CBD, CBD patches, etc.

CBD edibles can be very easily found in stores and they are affordable too. There are no significant side effects associated with CBD edibles. Some may show mild side effects like cottonmouth, diarrhea, etc.

An average meal takes about two hours to complete digestion. CBD edibles also have to go through the same digestive process to reach the bloodstream. We cannot exactly say how much time it will take for CBD edible to take effect. It highly depends on how you consume the CBD edible. If you consume any CBD edible just after or along with a meal, it can take more than two hours for you to feel the effects of CBD. If you are taking CBD edibles on an empty stomach, then it will take effect more quickly.

Even though CBD edibles have a delayed onset time, the CBD effect persists for a longer duration than any other consumption method. The effect can last more than five hours.

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