Why Do Gen X Women Look So Young? We Found Their Secret


Gen X women just seem to age differently, and one TikToker who counts herself among the totally radical generation has the funniest excuse for herself and her eternally youthful cohorts. It all has to do with pushing those emotions deep, deep down. 

TikToker Explains Non-Aging Gen X Women

A TikTok user, @nikki.nation who goes by Nikki, shared her opinion on why women from Generation X don’t seem to be aging the same way as the generations before and after. When it comes to celebrity women of the generation, there’s no shortage of models, singers, or actresses whose ageless beauty has been envied

Even women who aren’t part of the glitz and glam Hollywood set seem like they’re aging in reverse, so what gives? Nikki has the answer. An audio clip from Corrbette Pasko plays over the beginning of the video, “What the hell is up with Gen X women? They didn’t age.” 

As soon as the audio clip finishes, Nikki chimes in, “If you stuff all of your emotions down. Deep. Deeper than that. Nope, keep going. It should hurt when you swallow. Cause emotions give you wrinkles.” Nikki gestured at her face before sardonically adding, “Don’t have those.”

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A Revolutionary Skincare Technique?

She continues, “A steady diet of rage and disappointment leads to youthful-looking skin. Internally, we are decaying at an exponential rate. Into dust. But the face? Serene as f*ck.”

Her analysis was a hit, with several other commenters chipping in their own theories and observations. 

“Love it. Bout to [turn] 51 and was just told this morning I barely look 25,” one woman wrote.

“Yeah how many of us like our looks better now than what we looked like 20-25 years ago,” another added. 

Others agreed with Nikki’s assessment, with one writing, “I keep my emotions in old shoe boxes, it’s better for digestive health!!! Dust here we come!!!” Even more had some alternative theories that had us in stitches. “Lol. 56 year. You left out that we drink so much alcohol that we are well preserved!” read one of our favorite comments. 

“I thought it was all the preservatives we ate & toxic hairspray,” joked another person. Another had a different theory all together: “Because we were raised by mother’s who judged the hell out of us and taught us to never been satisfied with ourselves.”

At least one person jokingly chided Nikki for sharing apparently classified information with the masses, writing, “Girl don’t give away our secrets lol. Just say we used Ponds or something.” Gotta keep those youthful secrets out of the hands of Millennials, or worse, Gen Z.


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