Why Kate Middleton Regretted Her Style Choices One Christmas


Kate Middleton is known for her stunning fashion statements, whether it’s a casual look while spending time with her family or a beautiful gown for a red carpet event. The Princess of Wales does have some fashion regrets, though, including one memorable Christmas look. 

Royals Gather At Sandringham For The First Time Since 2020

This year, the royal family will gather at Sandringham for the first time in two years. Like so many others, the COVID-19 pandemic changed their holiday routines, but this year, the family is set to gather again. 

In addition to returning to Sandringham, the royal family plans to reinstate their annual walk to church on Christmas Day. This appearance gives fans a chance to get a look at the royals—as well as what they’re wearing.

The Outfit Middleton Said She ‘Really Shouldn’t Have Worn’

In 2019, the last time we saw the royal family do the traditional walk to church, Middleton and her family were dressed to impress. She color-coordinated their outfits, with everyone wearing hints of dark green. 

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Prince William wore a tie in the color, while Princess Charlotte sported a dark green coat and Prince George wore a matching sweater.

Middleton wore a long gray coat with a fur collar and cuffs, accessorizing with a dark green hat and matching heels, and a clutch. Fans loved the look, but apparently, the Duchess of Cambridge wasn’t a fan. 

(L-R): Camilla Parker Bowles, Prince George, Prince William, Princess Anne, Princess Charlotte, and Kate Middleton
(Stephen Pond/Getty Images)

While talking to 19-year-old Rachel Anvil on their way into church, Middleton revealed that the heavy coat was the wrong choice for the warm December day. “She said ‘I really shouldn’t have worn this,’” Anvil’s mother shared, per The Mirror

More Royal Holiday Traditions

The royals’ walk to the church isn’t the only tradition that is getting reinstated this year. King Charles is reportedly preparing to record his first Christmas Broadcast. The address will air across the UK on Christmas Day, and the royal family typically gathers together to watch it. 

The royal family is already getting ready for Christmas. Windsor Castle has been decorated for the holiday, with a 20-ft tree standing in St. George’s Hall. Middleton rarely makes a fashion misstep, but it looks like she might be thinking a little harder about her choice of outfit for the upcoming Christmas walk to the church this year.

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