Why Kristen Bell ‘Dragged’ Dax Shepard In His Instagram Comments

As Kristen Bell recently found out, some marital disputes are best handled through social media. In a recent appearance on The Late Late Show with James Corden, Bell revealed her clever way to get back at her husband Dax Shepherd.

Sometimes It Just Feels Good To Say ‘I Told You So’

Kristen Bell and Dax Shepherd recently went on a cross-country road trip in their family RV with their two daughters. In an interview with James Corden, Bell recounts their epic summer vacation.

“Let’s see,” the Frozen actress begins. “We went to Idaho for a week, swan valley and the snake river. Then we saw Mt. Rushmore, learned about a bunch of presidential stuff. Then we went to North Dakota and were just stopping at like all the lakes we could find and cold plunging and swimming in the morning and catching frogs.”

The family had a blast, but Bell reveals she started to suspect they had a stowaway.

“I found some mouse poop, and I thought ‘huh, do we have a mouse in the motorhome?’ My husband said ‘No, it was probably from the service center,”” Bell recounts.

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Then, she started hearing mouse sounds during the night throughout their trip. When she told Shepard about it, he was skeptical. He doubted a mouse could survive in the camper, and he convinced Bell she just heard the sounds in a dream.

Bell ended up flying back home with her children, leaving Shephard to continue his cross-country tour. Days later, she had forgotten about the mouse incident completely… until she checked Instagram.

‘Asking For Your Wife’

“Low and behold, I see an Instagram post yesterday of him releasing a mouse in a very humane trap. So, I realized I was right, and I thought ‘Well, I could call him—or, I could just drag him in the comments,’” the Good Place actress reveals.

That she did. In the comments of her husband’s video of a very gentle mouse release, Bell wrote the following: “Wow! That’s crazy! Did your wife ever suspect there was a mouse in the RV and did u believe her at first? Or did u tell her there’s no way a mouse could survive on board? Asking for your wife.”

Bell’s masterful use of sarcasm was a big hit with her husband’s followers. The comment received over 1,000 likes, making it the very first one you see on the post. “I was pretty proud of it,” Bell admitted—and we have to say, we’re proud of it too.

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