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Will K Sees Ghosts: Australian house producer Will K got started in electronic music when he was just 12 years old.

“I signed up for an 8-week DJ’ing course in Melbourne,” he says. “Not long after that I won a competition to play mainstage at Good Life Festival with over 20,000 people. I became a resident DJ and toured around Australia at a young age. At around 15 years old I learnt how to use Logic, and produce my own music. My career started to become serious when I turned 18 and moved to Liverpool in the UK and that was when I signed to Axwell’s label Axtone. Not too long after, I played at festivals like Tomorrowland, Parookaville and started to tour the world. It opened many doors for me and I was able to sign my records to many other great dance labels, and my music was being played from the Top DJ’s in their live shows. “

The artist struggles to define exactly what his sound is in 2022.

I don’t like to box myself in with genres as everyday I’m always creating something new, and only a small portion of my music library has actually been released on streaming platforms,” he says. “But I like to think you can hear my “signature sound”; tight drums and bouncy basslines, catchy vocal hooks and often moody and melodic elements that give ‘club’ music a ‘song’ feel.”

Will K says that it’s difficult to feel as excited about electronic music today as he did when he first discovered it.

My taste has definitely changed over time and I’m not staying as up to date with new music as I usually would,” he says. “I’m taking inspiration from the artists and producers like Fred Again.., Skrillex, Mike Dean, Rick Rubin and adding my own flavour to make it my own. I’m loving the electronic music coming out of Australia from artists like Rufus Du Sol, Dom Dolla and Odd Mob; it’s amazing to see so many local artists are influencing the scene right now.”

His latest release is the “Ghosts” single, a collab with Dutch trio Drove.

I wanted to bring some Rufus Du Sol/moody vibes with a deep drop,” he says. “The lyrics of ‘Ghost’ are about coping with having to let go of someone after a breakup. Lyrically, Drove tried to describe situations where you realise most of what you’re missing in life, like when someone you were so close to now feels like a ghost/stranger to you. When I first heard it, I felt how beautifully written it was and knew it was something special. We were in touch prior to us working on this record and loved each other’s music and had spoken about working on a record together, but it didn’t come together until our fans tagged us in a few social posts, that’s what really sparked this collaboration.”

Looking ahead, Will K says that the may do a surprise drop on Soundcloud soon.

“Stay tuned,” he says.

Will K Sees Ghosts: Will K’s single “Ghosts” with Drove is out on Friday, October 28.



















































































































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