Will Madonna’s Upcoming Tour Avoid The Issues That Plagued Her Last One?


Madonna fans, rejoice! The legendary pop star is touring for the first time since 2019, and people around the world can’t wait to see her perform. However, some have wondered if her 2023 tour will suffer from the same issues that plagued her 2019 Madame X tour. 

The “Material Girl” singer announced her upcoming Celebration tour by removing all posts from her Instagram account. She then uploaded a black-and-white video of herself sitting around a dinner table with stars like Amy Schumer, Jack Black, Lil Wayne, and Judd Apatow. 

In the video, the group is playing Truth or Dare, and Schumer ends up daring Madonna to go on a world tour. Madonna accepts, and the dinner party devolves into a dance party. The singer then addresses the camera, telling fans she’ll be playing hits from the last four decades. 

Why The ‘Madame X’ Tour Was Problematic

This is the first tour Madonna has been on since 2019, when she performed in support of her fourteenth studio album, Madame X. Madonna always puts on an amazing show, but this tour was plagued by issues that led some fans to file a class action lawsuit against the pop star. 

One of the biggest problems was her tardiness—at a Las Vegas show with a 10:30 p.m. start time, Madonna didn’t go onstage until 12:30 a.m. After a Miami concert was also pushed back two hours, one man filed a lawsuit against Madonna and unsuccessfully tried to get a refund for his tickets. 

In addition to tardiness, Madonna was also forced to cancel many shows due to a recurring knee injury. “I have to listen to my body And accept that my pain is a warning I want to say how deeply sorry I am to all my fans,” she wrote in an Instagram post announcing the cancellations

There were also complaints about the setlist for the tour. The shows primarily featured songs from Madame X and were light on her greatest hits. Many concert-goers were disappointed that they didn’t get to hear singles like “Material Girl” or “Like A Virgin.”

Even though Madonna’s last tour had its issues, it seems unlikely that fans will have to worry too much about these problems this time around. The Celebration tour is a greatest hits tour, so Madonna will definitely sing all the big songs people want to hear. She also won’t be dealing with a knee injury anymore.

Madonna is one of the greatest performers of the last few decades, so the pop star is sure to put on some amazing shows on this tour!


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