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Now, more than ever, we are seeing many women becoming CEOs and a growing number of women starting their own businesses. Increasingly more women have begun to embrace entrepreneurship because of the freedom, autonomy and flexibility it provides, a crucial component for working mothers.

Below is an article celebrating ten impactful businesses led by strong women shaking up their careers by revolutionizing the cosmetic industry or making fundamental changes to implement diversity in the workplace.

Haleh Mashian

Artist & Owner of MASH Gallery

Haleh Mashian is a nationally acclaimed painter, creative expressionist, founder, and lead designer of the fashion brand MASH City. The Iranian-born mother of two has dedicated over 20 years of practice and expertise to conveying the imaginative and natural world. Mashian’s mixed media pieces highlight her adoration for color theory, compositional form, and study of positive and negative spaces, utilizing collage and impasto techniques. Haleh Mashian has proven to be a trailblazer, and her work has been exhibited worldwide. She aims to build community by showcasing and exchanging work with other artists. Haleh continues to dive into her creativity through other outlets such as music, fashion, and digital art.

For more information about Haleh Mashian, visit: https://www.mashgallery.com/haleh-mashian/

Dominique Shelton Leipzig

Diversity Leader at NxtWork

The importance of diversity in the C-Suite and boardroom has become a growing topic of importance amongst many companies. Dominique Shelton Leipzig is spearheading the conversation and highlighting the importance of why we need diversity in corporate leadership, particularly in C-suite and executive boardrooms. In 2020, Leipzig, with two others, co-founded The NxtWork Network, a female-led organization that strives to implement diversity practices in boardrooms. The NxtWork Network provides companies with experienced pre-vetted leaders ready to join the ranks of company boards and C-Suites immediately.  With NxtWork, companies can broaden their network to reshape leadership ranks to respond to the calls for board and C-Suite diversity emerging from stakeholders, including stock exchanges, investors, employees and customers. Aside from co-founding  NxtWork, Leipzig’s career is devoted to serving as the lead for the Global Data Innovation and Ad Tech Privacy & Data Management practices. She is also a partner in Mayer Brown’s Los Angeles office and a member of the Cybersecurity & Data Privacy Practice.

For more information about NxtWork, visit: https://nxtwork.org/bio-dominique/

Scilla Andreen

Educational Entertainment Leader at IndieFlix

Scilla Andreen, is an award-winning producer, director, Emmy-nominated costume designer, CEO + co-founder of iNDIEFLIX Streaming, and founder of the recently launched iMPACTFUL. iMPACTFUL is a film-based education production and distribution service that delivers mental health and wellness programming to schools, corporations and organizations, spanning 60+ countries. iNDIEFLIX streams 4K+ shorts, features, documentaries and series that represent a diverse group of voices from around the world. Vastly different from other competitors, iNDIEFLIX ensures that filmmakers reap financial benefits for the content they produce. Beyond streaming and education services, Andreen founded the iNDIEFLIX Foundation as a 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to supporting impactful programming through financial support, research and access, highlighting diverse voices and serving underserved communities.

For more information on IndieFlix


Carol Collins

Medium Channeller

Carol Collins is a consciously-aware light trance channel located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Carol’s mediumship and channelling abilities surfaced identical to the acclaimed Esther Hicks. Carol’s collective of teachers are named Jeshua and they teach how combining the power of positivity with energy work is the secret to the law of attraction that everyone has been searching for. Collins is what Jeshua calls a spontaneous trance channel and is the only person they speak through. She first discovered her abilities through meditation and is driven to share it with others. In 2021 alone, Jeshua wrote 11 books through her, the first series of which is launching this upcoming fall. She has a global presence and is known for her readings, classes, attunements, online workshops, and live events. With readings, clients can expect straightforward guidance, accuracy and details like no other channel or medium available today. For those seeking channelled guidance or conversations with loved ones, a session or event with Carol is a must-have.

For more information about Carol Collin’s channelling abilities and services, visit: https://www.thepittsburghmedium.com/

Stephanie Reuler

Children’s Author

Stephanie Reuler is a woman of many talents. She is a screenwriter, chef, and author who recently released her book Fantasea Origins: Kir & Luca, a story of friendship, dissimilarity, and empathy. Reuler’s love for writing began as a young girl who struggled to put her book down for bedtime. Since adolescence, Stephanie’s enthusiasm for reading has developed, becoming an organic passion for writing. As a writer, Stephanie ensures to incorporate child-like elements into her writing, constantly inspired by adult fiction and young adult genres like Dr Seuss and Anne McCaffrey. In addition to writing children’s stories, she is creating a female-forward comedy series while showcasing her culinary skills through her cooking channel “Steph Cooks Stuff.”

For more information about Stephanie Reuler’s books, visit: www.StephanieReuler.com

Beauty Leaders

Snatched Beverly Hills

Since its launch in 2020, luxury medical spa Snatched Beverly Hills, forever changed the industry standards. Snatched provides clients with high-end, non-surgical and non-invasive cosmetic services with individualized beauty regime plans for the face and body. The female-founded medical spa, was recognized as the #1 consumable Morpheus8 (non-surgical face /body tightening & lifting) provider in California. From skin tightening, PDO thread lifting and more, explore Snatched Beverly Hills services, by visiting:


Gemma Noble

HeartBox Scotland – Subscription Box Babe

In 2020, Gemma Noble and her father founded HeartBox, a monthly subscription box service that supplies subscribers with Scotland in a box. HeartBox Scotland started with the pair’s love for their Scottish heritage and longing to return home. Each month has a new theme available, but the overarching goal is to create boxes for families and loved ones of Scottish heritage. In the HeartBox, you can expect authentic reminders of Scotland: handmade Scottish cushion covers, Celtic knot pendant bookmark, Scottish seasoning, and a personalized Scottish oak coaster are all examples of items one could receive. Noble shows her subscribers that HeartBox Scotland is not only about acquiring items for keepsake but also building a bond through sharing the same love and appreciation for Scottish culture.

For more information on the HeartBox subscription services, visit: https://www.heartboxscotland.com/heartboxes/

Sheree Zampino


Sheree Zampino is an actress, producer, fashion designer, and entrepreneur. Zampino was born in Schenectady, New York and currently resides in Los Angeles, California. She is the founder and CEO of the body butter company Whoop Ash, and the clothing and accessory boutique line Sheree Elizabeth. Sheree founded Whoop Ash in 2006 to counter the limited resources of moisture options for darker people who often deal with drier skin. Fueled by her passion for helping others, she created a product with natural ingredients, in contrast to alternative moisturizers with nonorganic ingredients. Aside from her body butter company, her online fashion boutique provides customers with uniquely selected styles and designs.

For more information on Sheree Zampino’s body butter and online boutique, visit:


Jane Owen


Jane Owen is the founder of Jane Owen Public Relations (JOPR), a boutique PR and Event Planning firm headquartered in Los Angeles and Connecticut, with satellite offices in New York, London and Dubai. Jane started her career in 2002, working at Full on Entertainment as the Director of Operations. She then continued at several other companies serving on the PR team. In 2009, she co-founded P3R Publicity, and in 2011 founded Jane Owen PR to help companies she was passionate about. Since launching her own company, JOPR has won the Los Angeles Business Award in Public Relations for five consecutive years, working with elite clients and handling the affairs of international and national fortune 500 companies.

For more information about JOPR, visit: https://janeowenpr.com/

Aisleagh Jackson

Corporate Strategist

Aisleagh Jackson is currently Head of Communications at Liquid Media Group. As Head of Communication, Aisleagh is successfully leading the mission of Liquid Media Group to the world. Its mission is to add a lucrative and effective alternative production and distribution system to the world of Independent Movie Makers so they have other options if they don’t fit the Studio System model. In a nutshell, giving “Independence to Independents”. Aisleagh has 20+ years of experience in the entertainment, fashion and media tech sectors. Representing global brands and raising over $10m in financing, Aisleagh has an extensive background in operations, strategic planning and corporate communications.

For more info on Liquid Media Group


Kim Gravel

Podcast Personality

Kim Gravel, the host of LOL with Kim Gravel, is a woman of many talents. Gravel is a podcast host, entrepreneur, tv personality, public speaker and industry leader, but most of all, she has a passion for people and seeing them rise.

Kim is among the most booked guests on The Steve Harvey Show and stars in the hit weekly docu-series “Kim of Queens” on the Lifetime Network. In 2016, Kim partnered with television and online retail giant QVC to launch her highly successful apparel line, Belle by Kim Gravel®, and a year later, the Belle Beauty® cosmetic line.

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