Women’s Long Underwear Was Never So Cute (Or Warm)


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It might still be warm outside, but we all know how quickly the weather can change. In the midwest where I live, we have a saying: “If you don’t like the weather, just wait five minutes.” Temperatures can change just as quickly across the country, especially during the summer-to-fall transition.

Before we know it, we’ll be bundling up for hayrides through the pumpkin patch, long chilly walks down city streets, or even just for movie night indoors. While sweatpants and oversized sweaters are one option, sometimes something a little more fitted is optimal for layering.

If you’re looking for warmth without the bulk, we found a much-welcomed upgrade from the traditional long underwear your grandparents wore.

Welcome To The Warm World Of ThermaJane

Thermajane is a brand that offers luxurious, tag-free thermals in an array of bright and neutral colors. Their thermal underwear provides extra warmth and coziness with top-notch heat retention that prevents your body heat from escaping.

The ultra-soft base layer is lined with fleece for extra softness, so not only do these thermals give you protection against the cold, but they are also super cozy. 

They also have a moisture-wicking feature that will keep you dry and odor-free all day long—whether you’re hitting the trail for a winter run or staying warm while working from home.

They can be worn under other clothes or as a pajama alternative—you can even wear them on their own. The bottoms can easily double as leggings and the top is perfect alone or layered under a vest or flannel.

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Thermajane long johns have thousands of positive reviews on Amazon, which is what first caught our eye. But the one that sold us was from a woman who went weeks without heat in the dead of winter.

“I did wear it when our central heating broke in winter and took a couple of weeks to fix. I told my husband to hold out for the best quote because I could go a long long time without being cold. To be honest, I loved having the opportunity to get my cold gear out, and this base layer kept me toasty until we could obtain 20 quotes and negotiate the best deal on the new boiler!”

Bottom line—these thermals are soft, versatile, look good, come in 13 different colors, and can save you money on home improvements! How cool is that?

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