Your Daily Horoscope: August 1, 2022


On Monday, August 1st, two of the most impactful celestial bodies stand in opposition to equally potent planetary retrogrades. A waxing crescent Moon, which governs our inner selves, opposes Neptune RG under Pisces. Additionally, the Sun stands in opposition to Saturn RG under Aquarius.

What do these powerful stand-offs have in store for your sign today?

This opportunity might not be the one you were expecting, but it’s the one you got. Will you keep waiting for that Goldilocks chance to (maybe) cross your path? Or could you find some value in what’s in front of you right now?

It takes a particularly strong resolve to charge forward into uncharted territories. Luckily, the universe does reward its inhabitants on occasion. Keep your nose to the grindstone, and the benefits are sure to follow in due time. 

Not every social interaction you participate in will end on a positive note. Sometimes, personalities clash so that we can reassess and reaffirm our belief systems. Conflict has a silver lining if you’d only take a second to look for it. 

Letting go of something is never easy, particularly for someone as sentimental and traditional as you. Still, we can’t hold onto emotional baggage forever. The sooner you sever these ties for good, the better you’ll feel, Cancer. 

You are an excellent advice-giver. But do you take the time to listen to that same guidance yourself? You wouldn’t allow a close friend to tolerate this type of disrespect. So, why are you allowing yourself to do so?

It’s never fun to realize where in life we’ve been deceived. Indeed, it can be tempting to wallow in all of the time and opportunities lost while you explored the wrong path. But the important thing is that you’re moving in the right direction now. 

Moral dilemmas aren’t common for you, but you’re certainly not immune to them. Things, people, mindsets—they all change. As time evolves, so, too, should our perspectives. This type of metamorphosis is nothing to fear, Libra. 

A large part of honoring oneself requires trusting one’s intuition. Despite your impressive track record of accurately judging people and situations, you’re brushing off these gut feelings as false. What’s keeping you from listening to yourself, Scorpio?

Having to shift your priorities doesn’t mean you got it wrong the first time. Back then, you might’ve made the exact right choice. But as time passes, our needs shift. Learning how to follow suit is an inevitable part of life. 

You know what needs to happen to make this situation better—albeit subconsciously. This insight reveals itself in the gut feelings, inner voices, and other nervous system signals you’ve been feeling as of late. How long are you going to ignore them?

There’s nothing wrong with deciding that something doesn’t serve you anymore. The only problem with that logic is that sometimes, it takes time to decide whether it does or doesn’t. Be cautious not to give up too early. 

The adrenaline caused by an unwanted confrontation can be hard to stomach. But what if you shifted your gaze a bit? It could be nerves and fear. Or it could be butterflies excited at the new, better opportunities that lie ahead. 

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