Your Daily Horoscope: August 10, 2022


On Wednesday, August 10th, an almost-full Moon creeps toward Pluto retrograde. Meanwhile, the Sun and Saturn retrograde continue their month-long stand-off. Additionally, Mercury and Neptune retrograde are in opposition one house over. 

What do these tense face-to-faces mean for your sign?

The opportunity for a fun new project has presented itself to you. But before you hop aboard, honestly consider whether you have the time to commit. It’s better to be truthful with yourself now than have to admit to it later.

There is a big difference between your first thought and your first action. Don’t give yourself too much grief for the thoughts and beliefs that are natural consequences of how you were raised. What’s important is how you act now.

Your subconscious mind is a swirling medley of memories, beliefs, worries, and concerns—all spiraling a million miles a minute. Try to find a quiet moment today to sort through the jumble. There is an important message waiting for you.

Just because a past version of yourself would’ve acted a certain way doesn’t mean you have to, too—good or bad. You are not beholden to what other people think you should do. Indeed, you can chart a new course at any time.

No one is immune to the occasional bout of self-doubt—not even you, Leo. Of course, your proud personality tends to take these wavering moments a little more personally. But try to rest assured that this is normal.

The ball is in your court, Virgo. You know how to communicate this idea clearly and thoughtfully. Moreover, you know how to navigate choppy waters once it inevitably rocks the boat. Don’t start second-guessing yourself now.

Here’s a secret, Libra: no one feels 100% sure of what they’re doing. Instead, we’re all faking it until we somewhat make it. So, stop thinking that you’re somehow miles behind everyone else. You’re further ahead than you think.

You can either let the past control you, or you can use it to harness greater strength of your own. Ignoring your feelings is a surefire way to guarantee the former. Indeed, you must face this to beat it.

It’s important to assess why you’re keeping the company that you are. Is it because they have something to offer you by way of support, wisdom, or guidance? Or do they just stroke your ego when you need it?

If given the option between an objective obstacle and emotional conflict, you’d almost always choose the former. Still, life rarely gives us exactly what we want. And unfortunately, it’s your turn to deal with something sentimental.

Reawakenings aren’t always positive to the beholder. Sometimes, it couldn’t be more opposite. These wake-up calls are often unexpected, gruff, and a bit overwhelming. But keep pushing through; you’ll be stronger for it on the other side.

Don’t be afraid to trust your intuition, Pisces—it’s a strong one. Indeed, your sensitive nature lends itself to anticipating what’s to come. Go ahead and use it to your advantage. If something feels off, then it likely is.

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