Your Daily Horoscope: August 12, 2022


On Friday, August 12th, a Full Moon joins forces with Saturn retrograde to oppose the Sun under Leo. As our emotional selves reckon with inner obligations, our ego will inevitably feel a little shaken. Those with placements in Leo will likely feel this celestial energy the most. But rest assured, everyone has their fair share on the way.

What might it look like for your sign?

Hard lessons might be, well, hard, but they’re also usually the most revealing. We carry their guidance with us more closely than positive ones. As difficult as this might seem now, keep your eyes locked on this silver lining.

Everyone undergoes periods of evolution, Taurus—even you. There’s no shame in having to backtrack and denounce that which you once supported. Indeed, people change, and so do their minds. This is just a part of life.

Getting to really know a person is a double-edged sword. On the one hand, it creates closer, more meaningful relationships. But on the other, it invites the necessity for parting ways once they reveal their true, unsavory selves.

If you keep ignoring this emotional obstacle, then you’re going to have to keep confronting it. You can’t will this away. In fact, you’re working harder trying to avoid it than it would be to deal with it directly.

You have a big heart and big feelings, and sometimes, it’s difficult for you to contain them. As cathartic as it might be to let those emotions run wild, doing so is a surefire way to burn a bridge or two.

When the deepest recesses of your subconscious bubble to the surface, you would be wise to listen to it. You still have things to learn from and about yourself; don’t close your eyes and ears just yet.

While romantic and platonic relationships certainly look different, the values we seek in them are largely the same. Assess both connections in your life. What missing piece has left you with a bad gut feeling?

Self-assured people assure others. How do you expect anyone to trust you when you can’t even trust yourself? Walk confidently down your own path, and, in turn, that confidence will inspire others to follow suit.

You would never allow a friend to tolerate a situation like the one you find yourself in right now. So, why are you letting yourself suffer through it? Advocate yourself the same way you do for others, Sag.

Emotional accountability is rarely easy. Still, it’s an incredibly important part of maintaining relationships with others and yourself. Recognize where you have room to improve and grow, but don’t forget to celebrate how far you’ve already come.

In order to live a carefree, easygoing lifestyle, you’ll have to continue this period of diligence and responsibility a little while longer. Keep your nose to the grindstone, and focus on the silver lining ahead of you.

The path is clear cut in front of you—well-lit, seemingly simple enough, and inviting. So, what’s keeping you from making the first step? These sunny skies won’t wait forever; don’t miss your chance by hemming and hawing.

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