Your Daily Horoscope: August 15, 2022


On Monday, August 15th, a large waning gibbous Moon rides the line between the 6th House of Work and the 7th House of Interpersonal Relationships. It also sits in an auspicious trine with the Sun, slowly moving toward Virgo and followed close behind by Ceres and Venus. All the while, the six retrogrades stretching from Capricorn to Aries remain.

Where does your sign fit into this celestial choreography today?

It’s not enough to push forward, no matter the consequences, fatigue or otherwise. Regardless of whether you want to, you’re in for some serious self-reflection. Sprinting blindly ahead isn’t a viable option, Aries. Take a second. Breathe.

Sometimes, your inclination for familiarity gets the best of you. As a result, you keep people close to you who have shown you time and time again that you shouldn’t. It’s time you start listening when people show you who they really are.

You care deeply about what others think of you. But how much weight do you give to your opinion of yourself? The stars urge you to start prioritizing yourself and your happiness for a change.

If you keep trying to juggle everything at once, eventually, all the balls will tumble to the ground. Rather than waiting for them to turn into projectiles coming toward you, try catching them and setting them down gently now.

When you rehearse your performances so diligently, a disruption to your careful planning can seem like a personal attack. However, you’d spend a lot less time feeling frustrated if you thought of it as a chance to show off your improv skills.

One of the most important reasons to learn the rules is to learn how to break them properly. This situation is nothing you can’t handle; it just requires some thinking outside of the box. Luckily, you’re just the person up for this challenge. 

Avoidance has a nasty way of becoming a self-fulfilling cycle. The longer you ignore your intuition, the worse you’ll feel about yourself, and the more you’ll choose to tune out. It’s time to face the music, Libra.

If you’re struggling to find the answers you seek, then try zooming out. You’d be surprised how much a slight shift in perspective can reveal to you. Consider the bigger picture rather than the minute details.

Despite your best efforts, there will be times when inaction is an inevitability. Life doesn’t always allow you to be on the frontlines, blazing trails. More often than not, your presence is most needed close to home.

While this very well could make your anxiety worse, it bears repeating: you have to find a way to loosen up. Not only will those around you start to lose their patience with your chronic stress. You will, too.

This situation might not be what you wanted, but the universe suggests that it’s what you need. Indeed, these two concepts are rarely working in tandem. It’s just another part of life’s constant ebb and flow, push and pull.

You are equipped with all the tools you need to overcome this obstacle, Pisces. Lean on your intuition and empathy; these skillsets are invaluable in this journey. Others might try to convince you these strengths are weaknesses; don’t let them mislead you.

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