Your Daily Horoscope: August 18, 2022

On Thursday, August 18th, Venus and Ceres inch ever closer toward conjunction under the 11th House of Friendship. They’re also in tense opposition to Saturn, which continues its retrograde motion under Aquarius, the 11th House’s ruling sign. Meanwhile, the Moon flies toward Uranus under Taurus in the 8th House of Reincarnation.

Where does your sign fit into the celestial traffic today?

To navigate the world confidently, we must first know how to navigate our minds. Your recent journey through the ups and downs of your mental wellness was taxing, yes. But now is the time to use what you learned.

It’s easy to take your steadfast nature for granted because it’s all you’ve known. But not everyone is as enduring as you are, Taurus. The stars suggest there’s someone in your life who could use some of that reliability.

One of the downsides of your people-pleasing tendency is not acknowledging when you deserve success and good fortune, too. Don’t sell yourself short on the off-chance someone else might come along. You’re here right now.

Your hypersensitivity can and often does manifest as intense pride. This can make admitting to missteps or wrongdoings particularly difficult. However, you’re doomed to repeat the same mistakes if you don’t acknowledge them when they happen.

As your emotional Cancer influence gives way to motivated Virgo, you feel confident, strong, and surefooted. Be cautious of how you speak to others during these times. They can’t read your mind, but they can certainly read into what you say to them.

As pragmatic as you can be, you also tend to struggle with assessing your daily life objectively. Instead, your insecurities (disguised as a desire to achieve and be loved) get the best of you. Take a step back to see the big picture.

Don’t underestimate the significance of your moral code, Libra. Principles and ethics are incredibly important to you. So, it’s not unfair to want your circle to reflect those values. If they don’t, then it might be time to part ways.

You spend a considerable amount of time wondering how others might be deceiving you. But in this way, you’re actually the deceiver. Just because they’ve never given you a reason to doubt them doesn’t mean you have to make one.

You are highly motivated and determined, which helps you assert yourself when necessary. However, it also puts you at high risk of dogmatism. There’s nothing wrong with standing firm in your beliefs. But make sure to check them regularly.

One of the most important lessons you’ll learn in life is how to say no. You don’t need to prove your worth through overworking. Your value lies outside of your work ethic, job title, or bank account, Capricorn.

You’re incredibly intelligent and perceptive, and, ironically, this has fooled you into thinking that you always know best. Never forget that you always have more to learn. Indeed, no one is immune to the evolutionary forces of time and hindsight.

Life works out imbalances one way or another, Pisces. You can either wait for the universe to jolt back into equilibrium and all of its corresponding consequences. Or you can start the process now on your own terms.

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