Your Daily Horoscope: August 20, 2022


On Saturday, August 20th, a waning crescent Moon flies past Mars into the 9th House of Philosophy under Gemini. Venus and Ceres’ conjunction also grows stronger in the 11th House of Friendships. Meanwhile, the Sun slowly makes its way out of Leo’s shadow as it inches closer toward Virgo and the 12th House of Self-Undoing.

Where does your sign fit into the mix today?

Reactionary behavior is not often our best or wisest. As difficult as it might be to remember in the moment, the stars urge you to think before acting or speaking today. Wield your tongue carefully, or risk burning a bridge or two.

Your generosity is admirable, but be wary of trying to buy your way into a relationship. Not only will this inevitably cause you to spend outside of your means. But it’s also not going to be the type of authentic bond you seek.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting the people around you to like you. But you should also like the people you’re around. Are you keeping these connections because they make you happy? Or are you afraid to let someone down?

You are an incredibly sensitive and intuitive person—don’t be afraid to use this to your advantage, Cancer. Indeed, you can pick up on subtle cues others might miss entirely. All you have to do is pay attention.

As much as you might not like to admit it, you are highly swayed by popular culture and opinion alike. Consequently, you feel extra wayward in times of social transition. Solidify your core values, and it won’t affect you as tangibly.

You have no problem picking up on patterns and pointing out fallacies in other people’s logic. Now, it’s time to turn these analytical skills inward. There’s a clear cause and effect here, but you’re looking right past it.

Asking others for anything is not an easy task for you. But when your favors are emotional, it becomes nearly impossible. However, the people around you want you to feel happy. So, why not try asking anyway?

When we look unkindly at our past selves, it becomes easy to adopt a hedonistic, who-cares lifestyle. Newsflash, Scorpio: you’re not living for the past—mistakes or successes. You’re living for the future—or at least you should be.

A failed relationship can seem like a total loss while you’re deep in the emotional trenches. However, you’d be better off looking at this as an opportunity. What insight did you gain? How can it help you later?

You won’t find the answers to one relationship at the bottom of another, Capricorn. Despite all your projections and halfway comparisons, you’re going to have to find a way to deal with these issues singularly, one at a time.

Be wary of throwing your money toward new investments this weekend. Not all that glitters is gold, and you have a tendency to let your imagination get the best of you. Take a few days to think on it first, then proceed.

If you want things to stay exactly the same, then keep worrying about doing what everyone else wants. But if you want to see significant change for the better, then it’s time to start prioritizing yourself for a change, Pisces.

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