Your Daily Horoscope: August 24, 2022


On Wednesday, August 24th, a sliver of a crescent Moon continues to pass under its ruling sign, Cancer. Nearby, the Sun straddles the line between Virgo and Leo as we settle into Virgo season. The week-long standoff between Mercury and Neptune retrograde finally wanes, suggesting a clearer harmony between logic and imagination.

Where does your sign fit into the mix today?

The realization that a once-familiar environment no longer serves us is a disheartening one. But you can also view this as a new opportunity. So what if this situation didn’t work out? There are thousands more that very likely will.

You’re happy to stay in one place, relationship, or situation so long as you’re comfortable. However, the universe has other plans for you. As tempting as it might be to buck against this change, take solace in its far-reaching benefits.

Doesn’t it feel better to let things go? Try as you might, you can’t bend life to your will. Instead, you have to roll with the punches and adapt as necessary. Luckily, there are few individuals who are more adaptable than you, Gemini.

Productivity is great; it’s also deceiving. Your commitment to your work and public service is admirable, but from what are you hiding behind all this business? Eventually, you’ll run out of distractions. So, you might as well face it now.

Endings are never easy for you. Your big heart attaches to just about anyone and anything, which makes saying goodbye all that more difficult. Trust your instincts today, Leo. You have sunnier days waiting ahead of this stormcloud.

Emotions can seem chaotic, but if you look closer, they’re far simpler than you might think. Of course, this simplicity only reveals itself upon deep, honest, and vulnerable introspection. What are you waiting for, Virgo? Start digging.

There’s nothing wrong with enjoying material comforts. But be wary of putting all of your positive emotional eggs in this basket. Finances are volatile and should not serve as the basis of your entire mental wellbeing.

People misspeak and cross boundaries all the time. So, why is this particular instance bothering you so much? Could it be those old wounds didn’t heal as well as you thought? Take some time today to reassess.

Approaching this obstacle is like running in a dream—despite your best efforts, your limbs move at a sloth-like pace, clunky and uncoordinated. This is your body telling you to rest. You’ll know when it’s time to speed up.

This is an intensely emotional time for you, and you should treat it with the reverence it deserves. Society doesn’t set your priorities; you do. And right now, your priority should be solely focused on yourself and your family.

Reality checks are rarely fun. Still, they are a necessary and inevitable part of your personal growth journey. The stars urge you to reassess your obligations and aspirations. Imaginative improv is great, but so is purposeful planning.

A big change is on the horizon for you, and its effects will be the same. Reacquaint with yourself. Take some personal time to meditate, journal, and realign with your goals and dreams. This prep work will be crucial for what’s ahead.

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