Your Daily Horoscope: August 28, 2022


On Sunday, August 28th, a dark Moon remains behind the Sun under Virgo. Both major celestial bodies are in a tense square with Uranus, which has been in the 8th House of Reincarnation for weeks. This unsavory aspect suggests revelations—some good, some bad—in areas of our lives pertaining to mental health and joint finances.

What might that look like for your sign today?

All of us are guilty of not practicing what we preach at times. And now, you’ve found yourself in a similar situation. To err is to be human, of course. But to be a good human, you’ll have to realign with your values.

When you settle into your comfort zone, you settle in hard. Whether in your home, habits, self, or external relationships, you tend to stick with what you know. However, if something isn’t serving you anymore, you must learn to let it go.

Standing up for what’s right isn’t always easy, but you did it. That in and of itself is a major accomplishment, Gemini. It might feel uncomfortable right now, but you’ll come out on the other side stronger than ever before.

You won’t find the answers you seek in these external places. Rather, the insight you need is already within you. You just have to find a way to tap into your emotional side and find it. Don’t give up now when you’re this close.

Enlightenment is rarely a pleasant experience. In fact, the most impactful awakenings are often the most painful. Seeing a higher level of truth also means witnessing the negative within ourselves. It’s difficult, but the process is worth it.

You’re usually fairly surefooted. But now that the stakes have gotten higher, you’re starting to second guess yourself. However, nothing’s really changed, Virgo. You are just as capable of solving this problem as the last.

There’s a time for work and a time for play, and right now, the stars are suggesting you focus on the former. Your job-related stress won’t go away by ignoring it; it’ll actually only make it worse. Deal with that, then play.

You might think you’re doing the “most” for a relationship by sacrificing your own needs. But really, you’re only laying the groundwork for future problems. Honoring yourself will stunt the growth of resentment before it even starts.

Don’t underestimate the effects of daily stressors on your perception. Your work ethic is admirable, but it can also put blinders on you if you’re not careful. Make sure to take time to prioritize what’s really important.

As tempting as it might be to throw in the towel and call it quits, it would be a travesty to do so. You’ve already come so far and accomplished so much. You’re inches away from the finish line; push a little harder.

Be wary of shiny distractions, Aquarius. Your love of novelty and change makes you especially susceptible to false hope and wishful thinking. Rather than envying the greenness of someone else’s grass, try watering your own.

You have pulled yourself through incredibly turbulent situations, from soaring highs to sinking lows. Your ability to process and move forward is uncanny. As life starts to turn on its head, don’t forget to recenter yourself.

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