Your Daily Horoscope: August 29, 2022


On Monday, August 29th, the smallest sliver of a crescent Moon makes its way toward the 1st House of Self, restarting the Zodiac cycle. Saturn retrograde and Ceres continue their standoff, impacting friendships and other pleasurable parts of life like creativity, romance, and energy. Meanwhile, the Sun holds its place under Virgo.

Where does your sign fit into the mix today?

There is more to life and identity than success and wins. Take, for example, the situation you’re in right now. While it might be tempting to focus on what you can achieve, the stars suggest you focus on what you can learn.

Despite your best efforts, the universe has not succumbed to your will. So, why do you still insist on trying? Your stubbornness is only impeding your progress around this current obstacle. You’ll have to bend a bit, Taurus.

Good intentions are a nice start, but they’re not going to cut it alone. The people around you can’t read your mind, Gemini. Instead, all they see are the actions and words you show them. It’s your responsibility to express how you feel.

The sky is the limit for you, Cancer. Don’t let your insecurities convince you otherwise. The stars are lining up in your favor. After all, if you’re going to place bets on anybody, then it might as well be yourself.

You have been itching for something new, but you haven’t been able to put your finger on exactly what. A change of scenery might be what you need to shake you out of this funk. Try itching that scratch and seeing what comes of it.

A recent revelation has challenged what you thought you knew about your life path. Try to resist the urge to buck against this insight just because it’s new. Not even you can plan for and around everything, Virgo.

There’s nothing wrong with treating yourself—in fact, you should. But be careful that you’re not making things harder for you when you return to real life. Your relaxation time will be a lot more restful if you have your affairs in order.

Learning to trust yourself is an ongoing, lifelong process. There will be times when it’s effortless, and there will also be times when it seems near impossible. Stay flexible, give yourself grace, and be patient.

Standing up for your moral code is one thing; allowing it to blind you to reality is another. No one gets it right all the time, Sag. You must always prepare for the possibility that you were wrong.

Waiting for your schedule to slow down is looking more and more like a futile effort. So, it’s time you start forcing room into your schedule to realign, recenter, and recharge. If you don’t, then the time will never come.

Just like we do regular chores to keep our physical living areas clean, we must do the same for our emotional “living spaces.” If you keep sweeping things under the rug, all those dust bunnies will eventually work themselves out into the open.

Your emotional state is an acute barometer of what is positive and negative in your life. Moreover, it’s far removed from societal expectations and people-pleasing tendencies. Listen to your heart—and only your heart—this week, Pisces.

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