Your Daily Horoscope: August 3, 2022

On Wednesday, August 3rd, the Sun and Moon approach a flirtatious sextile in the 11th and 1st Houses, respectively. However, they aren’t as harmonious with other celestial bodies—namely, Saturn and Chiron retrogrades. The universe suggests external struggles, but it predicts inner fortitude, too.

How will things shake out for your sign today?

Despite your fiery, go-getter personality, you don’t approach new territory without a second thought. On the contrary, you are hyper-aware of previous failures and setbacks. Don’t use these as an excuse to give up now. Instead, use them as launching pads forward.

This cycle stops as soon as you say so, Taurus. The hardships you’ve faced in the past shouldn’t be the reason you pass these burdens onto someone else. Rather, they should be the motivation to not continue this harmful trend.

Leadership roles are a little too assertive for you. Indeed, these positions often require a firm hand at times, which is something you’re simply not comfortable doing. However, everyone could benefit from you taking a swing at it—yourself included. 

It’s far more difficult to summon courage after a setback. Your legs are still shaky, your footing uncertain—it can seem more sensible to retreat further into your comfort zone. You must resist this urge, Cancer. Regressing is not an option. 

Sometimes, we don’t get closure. Life has a funny way of moving on regardless of whether we are ready for it. In this case, you’ll have to live with your reward being the ability to help someone else avoid this same problem. 

Falling into routines with old friends can be a blessing and a curse. On the one hand, it’s familiar and comforting. But on the other, it can be difficult to break harmful patterns and habits. Still, you have to try. 

Committing to taking care of yourself isn’t selfish, Libra. In fact, the actual selfish act would be to not do so and force others to deal with the repercussions. Ensuring you’re the best you can be is a good deed in and of itself.

The universe has been trying to tell you about something in your life that’s worth letting go of. Yet, you turn a blind eye to every signal it sends. You can ignore this all you want, but this reality isn’t going anywhere. 

Confronting unsavory parts about yourself is never easy. We all like to think that we know right from wrong, and someone as principled as you is certainly no exception. Still, there’s always room to grow, Sag. 

This situation you’ve been struggling with is the definition of delayed gratification. While it might not seem like you’re getting anywhere, rest assured that the progress will be more tangible further up the road. Keep moving forward. 

It might be called the high road, but typically, it ends up being the path hidden in the weeds, muck, and mire. If walking it was easy, then everyone would do it. Give yourself some grace as you trod this challenging terrain.

Because you hate letting other people down, you’ll take on too many responsibilities and stretch yourself too thin. But in doing so, you’re letting yourself down. So, isn’t all of this commitment counterproductive in the end?

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