Your Daily Horoscope: August 5, 2022

On Friday, August 5th, a first-quarter Moon passes into Scorpio, nearing opposition with Uranus under Taurus. The Sun’s opposition to Saturn retrograde strengthens in the 11th and 5th Houses, respectively, signaling greater struggle in usually easygoing areas of life: friendships and pleasure. 

What could that struggle look like for your sign today?

Self-love is also self-defense, Aries. When you learn to respect yourself without external validation, you can start to stand up for yourself. But it has to come from within you first; no one will be able to do it for you.

Enjoy this confidence streak while it lasts. The fastest way to get this solid ground to destabilize is to start wondering whether you deserve all this good energy. Instead of anticipating its end, try utilizing it while it’s here. 

Of all the perspectives you could adopt, the one furthest from ego is often the wisest. From this vantage point, it’s easier to see the forest for the trees. Sure, it’s not always the most fun. But it’s definitely the most beneficial. 

Be wary of equating financial wealth with self-worth. While it might seem worth it in times of prosperity, it can make life’s inevitable curveballs devastating. There is more to wealth than the numbers in your bank account. 

Sometimes, we have to suffer to fulfill our role as mentors to someone else further down the road. This certainly doesn’t dull the sting when it happens, but it is a notable silver lining. And it might help you heal, too. 

If you want to see a situation turn reasonable to zany in seconds flat, try viewing it objectively. Our feelings do a wonderful job of hiding imperfections and illogical thinking. Take them out of the picture, and see what you get.

It’s time to start living the life you call on others to lead, Libra. Why bother shelling out advice the way you do if you won’t even take it? Try offering yourself the same compassion you dole out to others with reckless abandon.

Stay cognizant of your subconscious ability to self-destruct. Indeed, your mind can trick you into thinking you’re being hyper-productive. But if your priorities are misaligned, then what kind of progress are you really making, Scorpio?

The company you keep plays a large role in your personality and mood. If your intuition is telling you something is amiss, but you can’t figure out why, then consider starting there. Don’t underestimate someone’s ability to drag you down with them.

Rome wasn’t built in a day, nor was it built by one person. To accomplish your lofty goals, you will have to call on the help of your immediate circle—no ifs, ands, or buts. Luckily, they’re eagerly awaiting the chance to support you. 

When you set your mind to something, hardly anything can break your focus. Thus, you must be cautious of your attention. You could rise to new heights or slump to sinking lows—which will you choose?

The universe has removed the wool from your eyes and turned off the rose-colored tint to reveal raw, honest clarity. As a result, you’re feeling more liberated than ever. Enjoy riding this wave, Pisces; you deserve it. 

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