Your Daily Horoscope: December 31, 2022

Madame Miranda posts are penned by M. Davis-McAfee and based on the motivations behind each star sign, as described on, and the positioning of celestial bodies mapped by While we appreciate the self-reflection that astrology can inspire, our horoscopes are for entertainment purposes only.

On Saturday, December 31st, a waxing gibbous Moon conjoins with Eris retrograde under Aries. While a waxing gibbous Moon typically signals a need to take stock of one’s plans before proceeding, Eris retrograde suggests our egos might have a hard time listening to the insights we find. Additionally, Mercury turns retrograde today, which increases the likelihood of miscommunications and mix-ups. 

How will your sign fare in the celestial mix?

Reinvention can be a necessary tool, but be wary of using it as a method of avoidance. You’d be better off working on the parts of yourself that already exist as opposed to searching for more things to attach to your identity.

The stars urge you to take an extra second to think about your decisions before emotionally or financially investing in something too heavily. Your desire to help is admirable, but not all that glitters is gold, Taurus. Look a little closer.

Just because you’ve been presented with new or unexpected information doesn’t mean you have to act on it immediately. Give yourself some time to process what you just heard. Only make your move when you’re ready.

The direction you initially started on in your life path might not be the one you’re currently heading toward. Indeed, small experiences and mix-ups alter our overall course more than we’d like to admit. Recalibrate your location, Cancer.

A true star of the show knows when it’s time to shine and when it’s time to step aside. As tempting as it might be to relish in the limelight, there are others around you that could use it more. Let them, Leo.

Be wary of letting the small details get the best of you. Keep your eyes on the bigger picture, especially when roadblocks start popping up in front of you. Things aren’t as dire or unmanageable as they may seem, Virgo.

No matter how good your intentions are, if your actions don’t adequately reflect that, people aren’t going to appreciate your position the way you want. You’ll have to speak clearly and nip any misinterpretations in the bud.

Despite your usually cool exterior, your feelings are beginning to overwhelm you. Don’t be afraid to lean on those closest to you for help. Not only do they want to support you. But you’re also well overdue for it.

The people around you aren’t stepping stones you can use for your own personal gain, Sag. They are the same people you’ll be calling on for help when your good fortune inevitably shifts. Choose your words carefully.

Your intense burnout makes it easy to fly past missteps and errors and start over from scratch. However, the stars urge you to take some more time determining what went wrong and, more importantly, why.

Learning to trust others’ judgment (within reason) is an integral part of learning to be a part of a community. While this obviously has some limits, the stars implore you to let someone else take the reins for a while.

Use your intuition to navigate any communication-related bumps in the road, Pisces. Indeed, your sensitivity could serve as a tremendous strength as emotions and confusion run rampant. Go with your gut—it’s more accurate than you think. 

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