Your Daily Horoscope: June 24, 2022

On Friday, June 24, the Sun is almost completely transitioned into the 10th House of Social Status, ruled by Cancer. Meanwhile, the waning Moon leaves its tense conjunction with rebellious Eris. Today, it will fly closer to Uranus under Taurus. 

What does that mean for your sign today? 

ARIES (March 20 – April 19)
A little rebellion can be a good thing—however, don’t lose sight of the word “little.” Not all rules should be followed, nor should every social construct be accepted without question. Just remember to keep your rebellions in line with your moral compass. 

TAURUS (April 19 – May 20)
Having to let go of something or someone doesn’t make you a failure. It also doesn’t mean that you were wrong. Indeed, there’s a very good chance that you made the right decision at the time. But people change—even you, Taurus. 

GEMINI (May 20 – June 21)
As a mutable air sign, you are almost constantly in flux. Consequently, your self-esteem is, too. In low moments like these, it can be worth shifting your perspective a bit. How could you reframe your “bad” qualities to be good? 

CANCER (June 21 – July 22)
What’s best for our emotional state is rarely in line with what our shallow, conscious realities would want. This is unsurprising, given that emotional wellness often involves difficult, uncomfortable decisions. Still, it’s critical you make them anyway. 

LEO (July 22 – August 22)
If you continue to keep standing in your way, then you can virtually guarantee you won’t make any progress. Sure, flexibility is important. But at what point do you stop bending over backward and start changing your environment?

VIRGO (August 22 – September 22)
Now that some time has passed from the last significant hurt in your life, it’s time to start evaluating. What did you learn about yourself in the process? Additionally, what did you learn about others? Don’t make all of that pain be for naught. 

LIBRA (September 22 – October 23)
Be wary of letting your negative self-talk turn into an overarching philosophy. If you’re constantly looking for the bad in everything and everyone, then you’re going to find it. What would happen if you started looking for the positive?

SCORPIO (October 23 – November 22)
Are you not getting what you want because it isn’t available? Or is your ego keeping you from getting there? You have your hand on the doorknob. Indeed, it’s waiting for you to open it. What’s keeping you from entering?

SAGITTARIUS (November 22 – December 21)
It can be difficult to assess what you’re saying when you’re busy talking over your inner voice. Are you speaking because you have something you need to say? Or do you just want to hear the sound of your own voice?

CAPRICORN (December 21 – January 20)
Just because you can’t act on your dreams right away doesn’t mean you should abandon them. Go ahead and imagine your best-case scenarios. Figure out your dream reality—it’ll give you a plan for when you’re ready to move forward. 

AQUARIUS (January 20 – February 18)
You can keep putting off your not-fun to-do list if you want. However, you’re fooling yourself if you think those tasks are going to vanish on their own. Indeed, the only way out of this is to cross these challenges off, one by one. 

PISCES (February 18 – March 20)
Breaking generational cycles takes a lot of effort, Pisces. Don’t beat yourself up just because it’s taking you a while to do so. Ultimately, the most important part is that you’re trying. Some people wouldn’t even do that much. 

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