Your Daily Horoscope: June 9, 2022

On Thursday, June 9, a waxing Gibbous Moon flies in conjunction with Makemake, a dwarf planet that governs our connections to the natural environment. This conjunction also stands in tense opposition with fiery Aries and ambitious Jupiter. 

Is your sign in for sunny skies or stormy weather?

ARIES (March 20 – April 19)

You are incredibly ambitious and (usually) equally productive. But you don’t always translate that into self-improvement. What if you considered improving your emotional health to be your next big win?

TAURUS (April 19 – May 20)

An occasional splurge is nice. However, you’d be wise to keep a close eye on your spending habits. Running away from your problems with retail therapy is only going to make those problems worse.

GEMINI (May 20 – June 21)

Believe it or not, your indecisiveness is a decision. Indeed, hemming and hawing is a choice in and of itself. Don’t fool yourself into thinking you’re somehow evading responsibility. It’s still there.

CANCER (June 21 – July 22)

Just like the Moon, you are in a constant state of flux. While you might think the outer environment is what’s shaping you, you’d be wrong. You have more control over where you’re going than you realize.

LEO (July 22 – August 22)

When things don’t come easily, you tend to give them up. You rarely have the ego, patience, or time to get good at something new. But how proud of yourself would you be if you tried?

VIRGO (August 22 – September 22)

If the amount of work is starting to impede your ability to do it, isn’t that worth checking? There’s no reason to run yourself into the ground, Virgo. No one’s going to give you an award for doing it.

LIBRA (September 22 – October 23)

Your subconscious mind speaks to you more than you might realize. If something feels off on a gut level, then there’s a good chance it is. Don’t push away that inner voice, Libra.

SCORPIO (October 23 – November 22)

Rather than blaming the world for things going wrong, why don’t you try shifting perspectives? You might be (un)pleasantly surprised to see how much of the problem is self-made.

SAGITTARIUS (November 22 – December 21)

Philosophy and principles are great, but it’s important to know where they come from. You can’t expect those around you to be the thing that shapes your personality. This isn’t a two-person job.

CAPRICORN (December 21 – January 20)

Be wary of avoidance disguised as productivity. You might feel like you’re busier than ever. But are you attending to the things that truly require your attention? Or are you stalling?

AQUARIUS (January 20 – February 18)

Thinking inside the box has never interested you. Still, that doesn’t mean that’s never where the solution lies. You’d be wise to consider all options, not just the ones that intrigue you.

PISCES (February 18 – March 20)

Imagination can be a great tool for envisioning new ideas and goals. Conversely, it can keep us locked in a stagnant pseudo-reality that can be difficult to shake. Try bouncing your notions off a trusted third party.

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