Your Daily Horoscope: November 1, 2022

Madame Miranda posts are penned by M. Davis-McAfee and based on the motivations behind each star sign, as described on, and the positioning of celestial bodies mapped by While we appreciate the self-reflection that astrology can inspire, our horoscopes are for entertainment purposes only.

On Tuesday, November 1st, an almost first-quarter Moon slips into the 5th House of Pleasure under Aquarius. The Moon passed by Pluto the night before, getting a quick burst of Pluto’s transformative, subconscious energy as it encouraged our emotional sides to push through the obstacles ahead. Meanwhile, the Sun, which governs ego, flies in front of Venus, Mercury, and Haumea (read: love, communication, and trust). 

What does this celestial mash-up mean for your sign today?

You can use your pain to bolster your negative attitude. Or alternatively, you could use it as a reason to avoid that type of behavior. After all, how productive could sending fatalistic energy into the universe really be?

Just like we use diet and activity to maintain our physical health, we must dedicate at least some of our time to mental health upkeep, too. Maybe the reason you’ve been feeling off is that you haven’t in a long while.

Have chances really passed you by, or have you constantly passed on them out of fear of failure or overstepping? How can you expect happiness to find you if you always find a reason to push it away?

Relationships get rocky, Cancer. It isn’t a sign of failure that you’re going through a rough patch. On the contrary, it just means you have some work to do. That’s not a punishment; it’s an opportunity for things to get even better. Don’t lose heart.

Consider your motivation for this behavior. Are you acting on behalf of a greater good—a healthier relationship, clearer conversation, or deeper trust? Or is your ego driving the words and actions you choose? Indeed, the answer is critical.

Trying new things begets an inevitable transition period. You might not feel as solid as you normally do, and that’s okay. You rarely learn new skills or gain new experiences within the confines of your comfort zone, Virgo.

Only you can determine your priorities, Libra. That means you have to be the one to decide which is more important: pleasure or security. Both have their merits, and not everyone will have the same answer.

Prudence can be positive, but it can also be debilitating. You deserve nice things in life, be they emotional or physical, just like anyone else, Scorpio. So, why do you insist on refusing them for no reason?

Just because something didn’t work out right away doesn’t mean it never will, Sag. You have to stick this out a little while longer. The patience and hindsight you gain from this experience will make it worth the wait.

Wanting to work on the hard stuff is important. But so is enjoying the easy stuff. Not everything has to be such a black-and-white, grave matter. The stars urge you to lighten up a bit, Cap.

Be wary of spending outside your means, Aquarius. That includes financial, mental, and emotional resources. Your compassion is admirable, but it’s causing your head to get lost in the clouds. It’s time to come back to Earth.

The difference between what life is and what we want it to be can certainly be disheartening. But wallowing isn’t the most productive approach, Pisces. What tangible steps could you take toward your goals? Try starting small.

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