Your Daily Horoscope: November 13, 2022

Madame Miranda posts are penned by M. Davis-McAfee and based on the motivations behind each star sign, as described on, and the positioning of celestial bodies mapped by While we appreciate the self-reflection that astrology can inspire, our horoscopes are for entertainment purposes only.

On Sunday, November 13th, the waning gibbous Moon forms a tense square with Chiron retrograde under Aries in the 7th House of Relationships. This suggests some form of tension with a loved one or close colleague, which could be connected to the cosmos’ directive to let go of that which no longer serves us. 

What do the stars have in store for your sign today?

When you release that you’ve lost your way, it’s best to take a moment and rest. Continuing to push past exhaustion—and confusion—will only result in more of both. Listen to your gut, and slow down when your body requests it.

On your worst days, you can be frustratingly stubborn. But on your best days, you are steadfast and loyal. The universe is presenting you with an opportunity to use this trait to your advantage. Make sure you don’t miss it, Taurus.

Leaks can manifest far from their point of entry. While the drip in the ceiling is a good place to start, don’t forget to look elsewhere, too. Be wary of settling on any one conclusion too early. Keep an open mind, Gemini.

When the identity we present in our relationship clashes with the one we present to the world, it can have devastating consequences on either (or both). Consider the ways in which they favor and differ. Why do you think that is?

As charming as your love of the spotlight can be, it can also be a bit aloof. Your ego might be big, but when you allow it to be, your heart and compassion for others are even bigger. Use more of the latter today.

Just because you have a specific way of helping others doesn’t mean it’s the way they need it. And if you continue to do your way despite this, then how helpful are you really being? You aren’t actually listening, Virgo.

While it can be tempting to focus on external metrics of success, don’t forget about the importance of self-maintenance. Your physical, emotional, and mental wellness is just as crucial to your overall happiness as your professional and pleasurable endeavors.

Change starts close to home, and it often starts small. Don’t discredit the significance of tiny—but meaningful—action. You have a greater impact on the bigger picture than you’re giving yourself credit for, Scorpio. Believe in yourself.

Recent events have left you feeling lethargic and apathetic. Rather than beating yourself up while you’re already down, try giving yourself the grace to feel these emotions as they come. It’ll make the moment pass faster.

Be wary of allowing your own fear of vulnerability to prevent others from expressing the same. You can use their ability to express themselves as a template for you. Let this moment teach you; don’t run away from it.

You’ve always been used to getting things right on the first try. So, when that doesn’t happen, you tend to lose interest. But there’s nothing wrong with a little challenge, Aquarius. In fact, it’s good for you. Keep trying.

As tempting as it might be to run away from these emotions, try to lean into them a little more. See what you can learn from this experience. What’s so different about this time compared to the rest?

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