Your Daily Horoscope: November 15, 2022


Madame Miranda posts are penned by M. Davis-McAfee and based on the motivations behind each star sign, as described on, and the positioning of celestial bodies mapped by While we appreciate the self-reflection that astrology can inspire, our horoscopes are for entertainment purposes only.

On Tuesday, November 15, a waning gibbous Moon and the Sun form a tense square in the 11th House of Friendships and 2nd House of Security, respectively. The waning Moon implies conflict and a need to determine what no longer works in your life. Meanwhile, the Sun governs ego in a House that influences our sense of self-esteem and safety. Thus, the cosmos suggest it’s time to start evaluating our friendships. 

What might your sign find today?

Identifying where others have misled you is an important first step. However, it can’t be the only one you make. To feel better about this situation (and not dive into a rabbit hole of self-pity), you’ll have to figure out your next move.

Change has never been your strong suit. But unfortunately, that doesn’t change the fact that it’s one of life’s many inevitabilities. Instead of fighting against it, work on finding ways to acclimate to your new surroundings.

It can be disheartening when things don’t go the way you planned. Still, there is a silver lining here if you’re willing to look for it. Now, you know what doesn’t work. This will be significantly helpful as you proceed forward.

You are an incredibly sensitive person, which means you must be highly selective about the company you keep. If someone makes you feel less secure—either physically or emotionally—then it’s high time you sever the connection.

As tempting as it might be to have everyone like you, there is more than one fallacy with that logic. Not only is it an impossible endeavor, but it’s also a futile one. Do you like everyone you’re around? If not, then why bother?

You have no problem maintaining logical, pragmatic, and objective endeavors. But your abilities falter when things become emotional and messy. The stars urge you to stay in the chaos for a little while longer. You might be surprised by what you learn.

A bit of extra work might seem like nothing for a day or two. But you’ve been piling more onto your plate for months now, and you’re on a straight path to burnout. Reserving time for yourself is absolutely critical, Libra.

You’re on the precipice of great change, Scorpio. And while this might be a little uncomfortable or scary, you mustn’t give up now. Lean into this vulnerability, and enjoy the emotional rewards that come with it.

Between all your obligations and future goals, things have started to get a little tangled in your life. Write it all down, meditate, seek counsel from loved ones—do what you can to start working out the knots bit by bit.

You might be able to fool others with superficial changes, but your mind isn’t as easy to deceive, Cap. Enjoy this lighthearted energy while it’s here. However, don’t forget about the more serious work ahead.

Your desire to monetize your interests is admirable, but the stars urge you to consider your priorities. Is your interest in this pursuit truly strong enough to stand up to the drudgery of discipline, investment, and dips in creativity?

As frustrating as muddied communication can get, don’t lose sight of your ability to clear the waters yourself. If you have a question, ask it. And if they refuse to answer, then are they really worth having around in the first place?

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