Your Daily Horoscope: October 12, 2022

On Wednesday, October 12th, the conjunction of the full Moon and Uranus retrograde continues under Taurus. As the Sun stretches further into the 1st House of Self under Libra, it leaves its opposition with Chiron RG for Eris, a dwarf planet that governs our rebellious sides. Considering Uranus RG inspires us to launch inner rebellions, the cosmos seem to call for revolution. 

How might that manifest for your sign today?

The obstacle you’re facing won’t go away just because you want it to, Aries. Is there another way around it that you’ve been missing? The only way to know for sure is to check. Or, you can continue beating a dead horse—up to you.

Your own stubborn streak is liable to foil your plans if you don’t learn to go with the flow. The stars urge you to consider the ways in which you’re hindering your progress. Then, most importantly, take steps to remedy these issues.

If the path you’re walking doesn’t align with your values, then you’re never going to feel like you’re truly progressing. On the contrary, it will continue to feel like you’re moving backward. Maybe it’s time to reprioritize, Gemini.

Unfortunately, no one can sort your emotions out for you, Cancer. You’ll have to make this decision yourself. Assess your options carefully, and pay close attention to how your body subconsciously reacts to each. Your heart will lead you if you listen.

Since when are you one to back down from a challenge? Don’t let a minor setback question your abilities, Leo. You are more than capable of handling this. One small wave shouldn’t make you jump ship entirely.

This conversation will continue to feel scattered and disconnected until you take the time to organize your thoughts. If you’re not sure of your own beliefs, how do you expect anyone else to believe (or listen to) them?

The best things in life require a little extra work, Libra. It doesn’t mean that you’re doing it wrong or you picked the wrong path. Rather, it means that you’re on the precipice of something even better. Run toward it, not away.

You’ve been struggling to maintain harmony between your perspective and the outside world. But what if the solution lies in shifting the former? Are there other possibilities or avenues you have yet to try? Start looking, Scorpio—the answer’s closer than you think.

Despite your best efforts to keep them separate, your subconscious has started to carry burdens from your personal life into your professional life (or vice versa). It’s up to you to reorganize and recalibrate, Sag.

An obstacle is visible on your horizon, Cap, but don’t worry too much. The stars offer much-needed encouragement in the form of keen intuition and self-awareness. Use these to your advantage, and you’ll make it through unscathed.

Introspection is not always a pleasant exercise. But that doesn’t make it any less important, Aquarius. In fact, you should start with the least pleasant findings. These things often find a way to disaffect more than one aspect of our lives.

Finding the right balance between doing too much and not enough is a challenge, but it’s not impossible, Pisces. Don’t assume it will be a one-and-done process. Trial and error is the only way to get the right result. 

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