Your Daily Horoscope: October 13, 2022

On Thursday, October 13th, a waning full Moon straddles the line between the 8th House of Reincarnation and the 9th House of Philosophy. Meanwhile, the Sun stays under Libra in the 1st House of Self. This celestial arrangement suggests a need to reevaluate our inner thoughts and how they affect our external actions and, in turn, our life paths. 

What might your sign find today?

As motivated as you can be, that drive doesn’t always translate to the most positive endeavors. There can certainly be merit in a gut feeling, but if it’s really meant to be, it won’t suffer from a few extra seconds of reflection.

Blindly throwing money or other resources at a problem doesn’t guarantee it will go away, Taurus. The stars urge you to look closer at this obstacle. What could this experience be trying to teach you? That’s the important part.

Small annoyances can quickly add up into major disturbances if left unchecked. Is there something in your daily routine that’s been nagging at you? It might be time to leave it behind, but first, you must identify it.

Our internal states of being directly affect our external actions, regardless of whether we’re consciously aware of it. As tempting as it might be to focus on your outside environment, the inside one is even more crucial.

Be cautious of letting your pride color your reality, Leo. Your ego is not the most trustworthy source of information, despite what it might be telling you. Take an extra second to consider whether you’re reacting to reality or your own insecurities.

Identifying a problem is a double-edged sword, isn’t it, Virgo? On the one hand, you’re one step closer to solving it. But on the other hand, there’s a new problem to solve. Still, isn’t the temporary work worth a permanent solution?

Your compassion is admirable, but it’s pushing you to give outside your means. If you continue to deplete your time, love, and finances like this, then you won’t have enough to spare for yourself. Those reserves should be non-negotiable, Libra.

Just like a rosebush needs to be pruned to thrive, we must shed ourselves of certain habits or beliefs in order to grow. Saying goodbye to these parts of ourselves can be difficult, but the end result will be worth it.

An opportunity to reconsider your belief system will present itself to you this week, Sag. Will you take it? While immediate action isn’t necessary, you’d be wise to start planning your route around this setback.

Despite your best efforts, your pragmatism does not cancel out your emotional needs. Nevertheless, the former does offer clearer insight into how to meet the latter. And really, that’s the important part. Use this trait to your advantage, Cap.

As intelligent and creative as you might be, Aquarius, you are not immune to being wrong. Don’t underestimate what others are capable of teaching you. Otherwise, you’re liable to shut yourself off from the possibility of growth.

No one can read your mind or anticipate your emotional needs, Pisces. While it might be uncomfortable, you’ll have to express these directly. Those worth keeping in your life will be eager to help you however you need. 

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