Your Daily Horoscope: October 19, 2022

Madame Miranda posts are penned by M. Davis-McAfee and based on the motivations behind each star sign, as described on, and the positioning of celestial bodies mapped by While we appreciate the self-reflection that astrology can inspire, our horoscopes are for entertainment purposes only.

On Wednesday, October 19th, Jupiter retrograde is almost halfway across the line between the 6th and 7th Houses under Pisces and Aries, respectively. As the faraway gas giant moves from fire to water, it will likely feel as though once-red-hot endeavors are starting to chill. This downtime provides ample opportunity to assess your goals, values, and progress. 

What might your sign find during this time?

You have the motivation and the opportunity, Aries. Don’t be afraid to strike while the iron’s hot. The stars are aligning in your favor; just make sure things don’t get so fiery that you start burning bridges along the way.

While it might seem like you’re rebelling against undue change, you’re actually resisting the chance for personal growth. Is your comfort zone worth staying in if it’s starting to impede your progress? It’s up to you to decide.

It isn’t enough to identify a problem in your life. Awareness is great, but without action, it only serves to weaken your spirit. The stars urge you to consider not only observing this obstacle but brainstorming ways around it, too.

You’ve been putting off this confrontation long enough, Cancer. And unfortunately, it hasn’t disappeared by ignoring it. So, you might as well try to face it head-on. The sooner you do, the sooner you can get over it.

Don’t underestimate your ability to significantly impact the lives of others. A harsh word might last for a brief moment in your mind. But to someone else, it could stick around for years. Choose your words carefully today, Leo.

Your inability to separate your propensity for problem-solving from your personal relationships has left you hanging on to unhealthy connections long past their expiration dates. You certainly tried your best, but it’s time to let this one go.

Now is the time to show off your skills, not suppress them, Libra. You are more capable of overcoming this obstacle than you’re giving yourself credit for. There’s a difference between arrogance and confidence, and you deserve to celebrate the latter.

It can be difficult to come to the realization that someone or something wasn’t what you thought it was. However, the silver lining is that you saved your future self from even more heartache and disillusionment. And that’s still a win, Scorpio.

Just because the progress looks different from what you imagined doesn’t mean it isn’t there. The stars urge you to open yourself up to the possibilities of new life paths, goals, and accomplishments. You might be surprised by what comes to you.

The universe rarely, if ever, follows our plans. Bending to your will isn’t the universe’s responsibility. You are the one who must learn to bend to it. Until then, you’re just piling on undue stress to your mental load.

Sometimes the things in life that bring us the most pleasure are the least beneficial to us. Reconsider your priorities and what ‘happiness’ means to you. Could it be that you’ve had it all along without realizing it?

As important as your daily obligations are, your mental and emotional well-being is, too. Taking time to create or explore your interests isn’t self-centered or immature; it’s indisputably necessary for your spirit to thrive. Follow your heart, Pisces.

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