Your Daily Horoscope: October 24, 2022


Madame Miranda posts are penned by M. Davis-McAfee and based on the motivations behind each star sign, as described on, and the positioning of celestial bodies mapped by While we appreciate the self-reflection that astrology can inspire, our horoscopes are for entertainment purposes only.

On Monday, October 24th, a thin sliver of a waxing crescent Moon opposes Chiron retrograde under Aries. The Moon and Chiron both represent our emotional sides, while Aries typically governs more fiery, aggressive aspects of our identity, including how we assert ourselves. With the Moon still in its dark phase, the stars suggest waiting to process our emotions fully before acting on them.

What might that mean for your sign today?

There’s only so much unrequited thoughtfulness you can give before resentment starts to breed. While it’s true you struggle to toe the line between confrontation and communication, the cosmos urge you to try. Biting your tongue will get you nowhere.

Sometimes, the biggest obstacle standing in our path is ourselves. Indeed, your stubborn streak can turn inward on yourself if left unchecked, stalling your progress and frustrating you in the process. What would happen if you pushed your ego to the side?

The universe has presented you with an opportunity for creative thinking—your specialty, Gemini. It might seem daunting at first, but stand firm in your abilities. If anyone can think outside of the box to solve this problem, it’s you. Go with your gut.

Because you feel your emotions so intensely, it can be challenging for you to resist the urge to act on your feelings. Finding an appropriate outlet for them could help quell the tidal waves of emotion, so you don’t feel like you’re drowning.

You can certainly handle your own in new situations, but when was the last time you enjoyed a bit of downtime? Opting out of this endeavor doesn’t make you a failure. Rest can be one of the greatest ways to honor oneself, Leo.

Your emotional and mental needs won’t go away just because you ignore them, Virgo. On the contrary, these unmet needs will only continue to fester and deepen. You’re allowed to rely on others, Virgo. In fact, you should.

To what end will dwelling on this dilemma bring you? Are you problem-solving or ruminating? The former indicates analysis and growth, but the latter practically guarantees the opposite. Try not to get so swept up in your feelings today, Libra.

Be wary of growing too comfortable with your surroundings, Scorpio. There is always something new to see and, more importantly, learn. Life has a funny way of sneaking up on you just when you start to rest on your haunches.

The stars encourage you to set aside your almost-superhuman ambition and consider the reality of your situation. Is this workload sustainable? You’ll never make it to the top if you exhaust yourself entirely in the process. Slow down a bit, Sag.

Equating familiarity with positivity is a dangerous game, Cap. Just because you’re used to something doesn’t mean you should be. How would you approach a friend in a similar situation? Perhaps you’re not looking at this objectively enough.

The most significant change is often born of the greatest discomfort. While it can be difficult to remember this in the moment, try to keep your eyes on the prize. The goal is to grow, and sometimes that doesn’t feel good.

The mundane nature of your daily routine is starting to take its toll on you. Rather than sink deeper into this hole, try brainstorming ways to switch things up. Even a temporary change of scenery could prove beneficial to you. 

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