Your Daily Horoscope: October 25, 2022

Madame Miranda posts are penned by M. Davis-McAfee and based on the motivations behind each star sign, as described on, and the positioning of celestial bodies mapped by While we appreciate the self-reflection that astrology can inspire, our horoscopes are for entertainment purposes only.

On Tuesday, October 25th, the 1st House of Self is full of celestial bodies: Makemake, Mercury, a dark Moon, Haumea, and a tiny sliver of the Sun. Venus sits on the other side of the 1st House under Scorpio in the 2nd House of Security. As most of these bodies oppose planets under Aries in the 7th House of Relationships, the cosmos suggest a confrontation between the self and others.

What might that look like for your sign today?

Don’t let the stillness of downtime disillusion you, Aries. There is ample opportunity to prepare for what’s ahead. Use this rest to your advantage. Once things inevitably start moving again, you’ll be well-equipped to follow suit.

You’ve always compartmentalized work and play. So, when the latter starts to feel like the former, it can be tempting to jump ship and look for something easier. However, there are significant benefits to sticking this one out.

Take a closer look at the issue you’re wrestling with, Gemini. Are you really unsure of the appropriate solution? Or are you avoiding the conclusion because you’re unhappy with what it is? Be honest with yourself.

Staying productive when your body requires rest isn’t the positive endeavor you think it is. On the contrary, you’re rebelling against your own needs, which is a recipe for disappointment. Cut yourself some slack, Cancer.

While you might feel motivated to rush forward, the stars encourage you to read the room. It isn’t everyone else’s responsibility to adjust their boundaries to you. You have to learn to respect theirs. Indeed, this is non-negotiable.

Don’t underestimate the clarity that a few extra days can provide, Virgo. What missteps could your hindsight help you avoid? Keep your mind open to the possibility of something changing it. None of us get it right all the time.

Perhaps you’re struggling to listen to your intuition because your conscious and subconscious minds are out of sync. Find some alone time to recalibrate and reset. Make sure you steady your footing before trying to proceed.

Our minds and bodies never perceive change in the appropriate magnitude. It often seems smaller and less significant than it really is. Instead of waiting around for flashy transformations, consider the small ways you’ve grown.

Unfortunately, our opportunities to expand rarely align with our appetite to do so. Feeling tied down by your daily obligations is certainly disheartening, but you’re not doomed to feel this way forever. There’s likely more wiggle room than you think.

After years of holding onto this pain, it’s no wonder it has started to feel comfortable. But if you’re already hurting anyway, what’s the harm in trying something different? There’s little to lose in this situation, Cap.

What you lack in discipline, you make up for in creativity, but there is merit to finding a balance between both. Even the “fun” parts of life require some form of commitment. Rest assured, the dedication is usually worth it.

It isn’t enough to observe what needs to be done, Pisces. While manifestation has its benefits, the stars urge you to take actionable steps toward achieving these goals. Otherwise, your visions will remain unfulfilled daydreams.

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