Your Daily Horoscope: October 3, 2022

On Monday, October 3rd, the Sun under Libra and the first-quarter Moon under Capricorn stand in a tense square. This suggests a struggle between emotions and ego, made worse by the Moon’s squared aspect with Jupiter retrograde. This celestial standoff indicates that the upcoming strife will shift our perspective on inner wisdom, freedom, and truth. 

What might that mean for your sign today?

It can be easy to slide into autopilot while navigating your external environment for obstacles. But what about the ones you present to yourself? Indeed, you are just as able to stand in your own way as anyone else. Are you now?

Don’t be so quick to brush off a loved one’s advice. The realities of your personality and behavior don’t change simply because you choose to ignore them. Remedying this situation will take some seriously dedicated self-reflection.

Entering a new phase in life can be exciting, but there’s an undertone of grief that you’d be wise not to ignore. It’s natural to want to mourn the end of this chapter. Give yourself—and those around you—the grace to do so properly.

The universe is putting you between a rock and a hard place, Cancer, and only you can get yourself out. It’s time to figure out what’s truly important: your own gratification or the greater good. You can pick only one.

Despite your best efforts to make it off this plateau, your ankle is tethered to a heavy anchor from your past. Whether it’s fear, hurt, or an unpleasant combination, you can’t take this with you. Let it go, or stay here forever.

If you can find a way to approach this situation with compassion, not condescension, then you might do some serious good. But approach this with the wrong attitude, and your efforts will be for naught.

The longer you ignore your needs in this relationship, the unhappier you’ll feel. Not only is it detrimental to you to wait. But it’s also unfair to assume the other party can read your mind. You have to start the conversation.

Even the best-laid plans sometimes crumble, Scorpio. You might as well stop waiting for the serendipitous moment when every atom of the universe aligns just right. If you fail, then you’ll have an even better plan next time. But you have to try.

A fundamental truth has been raised into question in your life, and, understandably, you’ve had a hard time grappling with it. You are a truth-seeker, Sag. So, seek it. The sooner you clear up this confusion, the better.

You’re constantly at odds with what you think you should be doing and what you want to do. While this doesn’t apply to all situations, the stars suggest reconsidering whether you have more time for the latter than you thought.

If you’re not going to turn this struggle into something positive, then what’s the point in ruminating on it? Either use it to your advantage or find a way to leave it behind. Either way, it’s not serving you right now.

This emotional dilemma is causing you to spiral, which leaves you with limited options. On the one hand, you can continue spiraling faster and deeper downward. Or, you can reach out to a loved one for help.

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