Your Daily Horoscope: October 4, 2022

On Tuesday, October 4th, a waxing gibbous Moon approaches conjunction with Pluto retrograde under Capricorn. This starry mash-up occurs in the 4th House of Home and Family, suggesting an emotional readjustment with tremendous transformative power. Meanwhile, the Sun sits under Libra and stands between Venus/Makemake and Jupiter retrograde in opposition. 

Where does your sign fit into the mix today?

If you want to enact actual change, then you’ll have to start being honest with yourself. You can’t hide from your own subconscious. While you can try and ignore it all you want, these deep internal needs will prevail every time.

Consider the advice you give so willingly to others. And in doing so, be cautious of assuming you’re above listening to that same guidance. Don’t let your pride stand in the way of progress, Taurus. No one is right about everything.

It’s important not to underestimate the power of minor annoyances. Over time, these disturbances can erode your peace of mind and make you feel uncentered. If it’s bothering you, then it’s worth addressing and correcting.

The added pressure we place on close relationships, particularly familial ones, can make it difficult to communicate. Try to loosen the grip of your ego and inner child and live in the present clearly and empathetically.

You can either follow the direction of your pride or your moral compass, Leo—rarely does the universe present an opportunity for both. While the latter might not be instantly gratifying, it has better long-term effects than the former.

Just because you can fit something into your schedule doesn’t mean you should. You need some minutes to yourself, Virgo. The stars urge you to reanalyze your priorities and see where you could make some cuts.

Are the values you’re currently grappling with truly your own? Or have you merely adopted them to fit in? If it’s the latter, then you’re never going to achieve the perfect fit you seek. It just isn’t who you are, Libra.

The stars are working for and against you, Scorpio. On the one hand, an opportunity will present itself to take stock of your progress. But despite its importance, this will likely be an uncomfortable realization.

Relationships often teach us more about ourselves than the other person. And recently, you’ve come face-to-face with parts of yourself you’ve never seen. Is this a facet you’d like to keep? Or is it time to part ways?

Denying yourself assistance hurts no one but yourself, Cap. Few people could handle your workload, nor would they even try. Consider how quick you are to help others. Now, allow others to offer you the same compassion and support.

There is an undeniable battle happening between your responsibilities and ambitions. Whatever you do, don’t let this dishearten you and give up altogether. You’ll reach equilibrium soon enough, but you have to keep trying to do so.

When you’re unsure of which direction to take, it can help to pay closer attention to your emotions. The feelings you experience don’t appear out of nowhere; they’re trying to tell you something. And the stars urge you to listen.  

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