Your Daily Horoscope: September 10, 2022

On Saturday, September 10th, the full Moon under Pisces faces off with the Sun under Virgo. Both celestial bodies are joined by nearby plants—Neptune retrograde and Venus, respectively. These solar/lunar oppositions always promise confrontation between our emotions and our ego. 

What might that look like for your sign today?

Previous pain can either embitter you or soften you. Which will you choose, Aries? Be cautious of choosing too quickly. The former might seem like the more protective option, but it ends up doing more damage in the end.

Just because your pride won’t let you admit something doesn’t mean it isn’t true. Life continues to move on regardless of whether you decide to keep up. You can either fall even further behind, or you can start walking.

The difference between letting past failures control you and letting them evolve you is simple: communication. Stop assuming others will read your mind, and start expressing your needs. Not everything has to be this complicated.

Personal growth inevitably means grieving the parts of you that are left behind. Even if it’s for the better, this can be a particularly unsavory part of the journey. Lean on those around you while you move through this discomfort.

If not even you are enjoying this performance, then why do you continue? No one is going to think of you stepping down as a sign of weakness. On the contrary—it’ll seem (because it is) a much-needed break. You deserve this, Leo.

Equating your self-worth with your productivity is a recipe for disaster. You’re a human, Virgo—not a machine. The universe is trying to show you that there are more important things than success. It’s high time you listen.

Once you fall into a comfortable routine, it can be difficult for you to break those habits. However, it has become apparent that this system is no longer serving you. The longer you wait to break the cycle, the worse it will feel.

You have a keen sense of power dynamics and flow. And right now, there seems to be a great change on your horizon. Take this time to reassess your priorities. It’s important that they be aligned when the time comes.

An environment can be both comfortable and unbeneficial to you, Sag. The two do not cancel each other out. True, leaving what feels familiar can be uncomfortable. But you’ll be glad you did in the end.

Your stubborn self-sufficiency is building a moat around your heart, making it harder and harder for those around you to cross. Is all of this busy work really worth it if you end up lonely? Start asking for help, Cap.

Falling into bad habits alone is fairly easy; falling into them with a friend is virtually effortless. Be wary of what it is you’re bonding over. Superficial connections are like shallow roots—flimsy, vulnerable, and easily whisked away by the slightest storm.

You’ve been forging your path based on other people’s expectations for too long, Pisces. The stars encourage you to follow the directions that feel good. Your heart is the truest compass you have. So, use it.

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