Your Daily Horoscope: September 11, 2022


On Sunday, September 11th, the full Moon passes by Neptune retrograde toward the 7th House of Relationships where Jupiter, Chiron, and Eris (all RG) reside. The stand-off between the Moon and the Sun wanes today, but a larger force is looming just beyond the horizon: an upcoming Mercury retrograde.

How will your sign fare in Mercury retrograde’s shadow today?

You’ve been bottling things up inside for weeks now, and you’re at risk of exploding. Wouldn’t it be better to let it out now in a slow, controlled manner, as opposed to the chaos of an unexpected emotional outburst?

Sometimes, we can get so focused on the path before us that we don’t realize we veered course a few miles back. While this can be frustrating, it’s never too late to retrace your steps and try again.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to guard your emotional soft spots, Gemini. But there’s a distinct difference between protecting yourself and holding yourself back. The stars urge you to strike a better balance between the two.

When the universe shows us how misaligned our egos and values are, it can be a rather jarring experience. Whatever you do, don’t use this as an opportunity to wallow. You ought to be learning, not moping.

You’ve gotten so used to putting on a fake persona for the outside world that you’ve lost touch with who you really are. Despite your best efforts, you won’t be able to charm yourself out of this slump.

The stars urge you to reassess your priorities today, Virgo. What’s really important to you? What is your version of success? No one will be able to find that answer for you. You’ll have to do the digging yourself.

There’s a reason your friends always come to you for advice, and it’s because you’re capable of being empathetic and objective. This is a rare feat that you’ve managed to master. Now, it’s time to start using it on yourself.

As noble as your efforts are to fix everything all at once, that just isn’t possible. This obstacle is too big to tackle in one fell swoop, Scorpio. Take your time—there’s no rush. Slow and steady is the name of this game.

It’s better to deal with miscommunications outright than let them fester. The more time that passes, the stronger each party will grow in their convictions. You might as well address it now while you’re both still flexible.

Everyone struggles to see the forest for the trees sometimes, Cap. That doesn’t make you incapable of handling this problem. It just means that it might be time to step back and process the bigger picture.

What you want to believe and what is actually true aren’t always going to be the same, Aquarius. You can’t bend reality by sheer mental will. All you can do is take it as it comes and work with it the best you can.

Despite how it might feel, you’re not actually on a plateau. On the contrary, you’re at the foot of a staircase—you’re just not ready to take the first step. Take all the time you need, but don’t convince yourself it doesn’t exist.

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