Your Daily Horoscope: September 12, 2022

Does it get messier than Mercury retrograde on a Monday? This Monday, September 12th, we’re bound to find out. A still-full Moon sits between Chiron and Jupiter retrograde while also opposing freshly-turned Mercury retrograde. Today, the stars send us on a mission to determine what success, happiness, and enlightenment look like in our personal journeys. 

What will your sign find along the way?

You have a bad habit of taking endings personally when really, they’re a natural part of life. Doors close so others can open; chapters end so another can begin. Don’t think of these as setbacks; think of them as stepping stones.

Don’t be misled, Taurus; bad habits can still feel good. That doesn’t make them beneficial to you or those around you. Take some time to assess what’s true positivity and what’s shallow gratification. Then, pursue the former.

Be especially cautious of the words you choose today, Gemini. Don’t assume that everyone can read your mind or see your true intentions. They only see what you reveal to them. So, make sure it’s worth revealing.

Sometimes things go wrong, and despite it having nothing to do with you, it still disaffects you. This is certainly frustrating, but don’t confuse it with a sign that the world is out to get you. It isn’t that specific.

You’ve started to grow restless on your current path. But before veer course, you’d be wise to figure out where you want to go. This period of transformation requires some forethought. Take the extra time to plan your route.

Some relationships will keep you on your true life path; others will lure you away from it. Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide whether keeping the course is important to you. And that can be both a blessing and a curse.

It’s particularly important to watch your words in moments of emotional volatility. The feelings might pass, but the effect of a sharp tongue will take much longer to dissipate. Be mindful of unnecessary confrontation, Libra. 

You are not beholden to the people or experiences that came before you, Scorpio. On the contrary, you are well-equipped and within your rights to break this harmful cycle. Newness can be scary—but exhilarating, too.

The stars are drumming up a very messy, chaotic energy this week. Be mindful of this as you proceed through your daily interactions. Are you reacting to reality or your perception of it? It’s an important distinction.

You can keep ignoring your intuition all you want, but in the end, you’re only hurting yourself. There’s a big difference between protecting yourself and engaging in self-sabotage. It’s high time you start leaning toward the former.

It can be difficult for you to change your mind after believing one thing for so long. But just because it’s challenging doesn’t mean you can put it off forever. It’s time to face the music—and misunderstandings.

As intuitive as you are, you’re also a bit of a glutton. So, even though you might know a situation isn’t the best for you, you’ll choose to stay if it means keeping the peace. Now, the stars encourage you to do just the opposite.

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