Your Daily Horoscope: September 22, 2022


On Thursday, September 22nd, a waning crescent Moon stands in opposition to Saturn retrograde under Leo and Aquarius, respectively. Meanwhile, Mercury retrograde tucks behind the Sun as it crosses from Virgo to Libra. Many opposing elements, forces, and energies are circulating in the cosmos today. 

What might that mean for your sign?

Confrontation often brings about endings, but that doesn’t always have to be bad. Others might shirk away from the visceral rawness of the unknown. But not you, Aries—you have the gumption and know-how to get through this.

We’re constantly oscillating between doing what we want and what we must, Taurus. Try not to let it dishearten you when you get stuck in the latter. Instead, try to focus on the opportunities to pursue the former this work will bring.

You’re quick to give out love and friendship, and that’s admirable. But be cautious of giving outside of your means. Eventually, you’ll start to internalize this deficit as a personal defect, not the result of an overextended virtue.

Despite your best efforts as a closeted, sentimental hoarder, you can’t hold onto everything forever, including tangible and intangible things. It’s time to let go of the junk, emotional or otherwise, that’s been weighing you down.

Your capacity to fantasize and aspire is virtually unmatched, Leo. But don’t forget that the journey to the goal is important, too. If you don’t take the time to lay the proper groundwork now, then you’ll likely never reach it anyway.

Are you helping because you want to support someone else, or are you doing it to prove that you can? Someone else’s dilemma isn’t an excuse to show off your problem-solving skills. Be wary of stepping over boundaries, Virgo.

You have a strong connection to your internal moral compass. So, when you start to stray from it, you tend to over-punish yourself for doing so. But the important thing is that you noticed, Libra. Give yourself some credit.

Perhaps you’ve felt so out of sorts because your life path no longer aligns with your daily schedule. What habits or obligations are holding you back from achieving your goals? Start there, Scorpio.

Consider this setback to be a stepping stone, not quicksand. This is merely another chance for you to show off your flexibility and creativity. Try to resist the urge to wallow and keep pushing forward.

You’re not always going to be the right fit for every commitment. Sometimes, despite our best efforts, we’re not the best person for the job. It’s best to admit it and move on; there’s no need to beat a dead horse, Cap.

You’re constantly searching for ways to satiate your inner craving for freedom. But what are you missing out on in the name of independence? There is merit in community and familiarity, Aquarius. Consider leaning into these values for a change. 

Are you avoiding this change because you don’t think it would benefit you? Or are you afraid to admit you were wrong? There’s nothing wrong with wanting to look before you leap, but you can’t keep looking forever.

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