Your Daily Horoscope: September 25, 2022


On Sunday, September 25th, the Sun stands in tense opposition to Jupiter retrograde. When the latter body is in retrograde, the stars urge us to reconsider or reaffirm our inner values. Considering its unharmonious aspect to the ego-driven Sun, it’s likely that these beliefs are deeply rooted in our ideas of ourselves. 

Will that be a positive or negative correlation for your sign today?

As highly determined as you can be, you also easily fall victim to distraction. Don’t get so caught up in the greenness of someone else’s yard that you forget to water yours. From an outsider’s perspective, yours could be the greener pasture.

There’s nothing wrong with self-care (and a bit of occasional indulgence). But if you overdo it, you’ll cancel out any mental benefits these splurges might’ve had. Believe it or not, self-care can also look like saving, Taurus.

The cosmos’ energy is potent and transformative. Wield it wisely, Gemini. As tempting as it might be to jump to conclusions, the stars urge you to pause. More is waiting to reveal itself to you in that stillness.

Engaging in conflict when you’re not emotionally ready is a futile endeavor, Cancer. Despite how justified you might feel, you must be in the right headspace before you address this issue. Wouldn’t you rather get your point across the first time?

Which is more important: the optics of a relationship or the connection itself? While your heart would likely choose the latter, your actions suggest the former. Your focus should be on the other person, not on third-party opinions.

Sometimes, people reveal their true colors with their words. Other times, our insecurities paint different colors on those words. Stay cognizant of whether you’re reacting to reality or imagination. Moreover, speak clearly and directly.

Your immense compassion is a double-edged sword, Libra. On the one hand, people often turn to you as a trusted supporter and mentor. But you also risk overextending your emotional reserves if you sacrifice too much of yourself.

How we internalize our environment and events shade every decision we make thereafter. Thus, it’s critical that you process your information accurately. Don’t leave room for any miscommunications this week, Scorpio. The cosmos are far too volatile.

A new endeavor has presented itself to you. But the stars urge you to consider this question: does this truly align with your moral compass? If not, is this temporary ego stroke really worth pursuing?

As eager as you usually are to jump on a new commitment or responsibility, you’d be wise to wait this one out. There will be plenty of opportunities to lend a hand in the future. But for now, the stars suggest you rest.

Getting to do exactly what we want whenever we want is a rare luxury indeed. Rather than wallowing over the absence of this freedom, try tying your values to your current schedule. It’s not a perfect fix, but it might kickstart your motivation.

If you’re not careful, your imagination will get the best of you, Pisces. Stop trying to read everyone’s mind, and start asking questions. They’ll be glad to provide the clarity, and you’ll get to give your brain a break from all that constant overthinking.

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