Your Daily Horoscope: September 27, 2022

On Tuesday, September 27th, Mercury retrograde and Venus conjoin under the 12th House of Self-Undoing, which governs the subconscious. This suggests that Mercury’s tech and communication mix-ups have the potential to affect our finances or relationships (including the ones we have with ourselves). With the Sun and Moon both in the 1st House of Self, these mix-ups also indicate a potential life path change. 

What might that look like for your sign today?

As tempting as it might be to blurt out your emotions as they come to you, the stars suggest sitting in silence for a moment longer. Let the other parties speak before you say your peace. You might be surprised by what you hear.

Be wary of engaging in conflict or making large financial decisions today, Taurus. Our egos are excellent at coloring our perspective—for the worse and better. If it’s still meant to happen, it can wait an extra day or two.

When life starts swinging, it’s better to roll with the punches. It might not prevent a hit entirely, but you’ll at least be able to absorb it with less damage. This moment will pass. In the meantime, stay flexible and open-minded.

It’s easy to give in to the urge to act on our pain. We lash out, get impulsive, or listen to irrational thinking. But today, the stars suggest you pause for a moment before reacting. Otherwise, you’re liable to burn a bridge (or three).

You can either let these setbacks tear your ego down or bolster you up. Sure, life would be easier without this struggle. But then again, it’d also be far less interesting—and less of an opportunity to prove yourself, Leo.

Consider this obstacle before you as a gate, not a wall. While it might take a bit of finesse to get through, it’s nothing you can’t handle. But whatever you do, don’t let it convince you to give up on this route altogether.

Your heart and mind have been duking it out for a while now, and the stars suggest you listen to the latter today. Indeed, your emotions can blind you to reality. Don’t let your romanticism start affecting your bank account.

This miscommunication certainly isn’t the most preferable option. Still, you can glean ample insight from this situation if you try. What has this mix-up taught you about yourself? The other party? Don’t pass up on this chance to learn.

You get the greatest fulfillment out of leading a life path congruous with your moral compass. Therein might lie the solution to this “empty” feeling you’ve been having. What commitment doesn’t fit with your values?

The stars don’t need to tell you the importance of doing things for others. In fact, being helpful is your default setting. The universe has presented a chance to stretch those muscles again—get ready, Cap.

You’re used to being good at things on the first try. So, when you start to struggle, you shut down. The stars urge you to resist this reaction and keep an open mind instead. We all have room to grow.

Rather than internalizing these dilemmas, try to use them as learning opportunities. Of course, the easier option is to wallow in the negative emotions that come with strife. But it’s certainly not the more productive one.

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