Your Daily Horoscope: September 29, 2022

On Thursday, September 29th, a waxing crescent Moon stands in opposition to Uranus retrograde, which has been sitting under Taurus in the 8th House of Reincarnation for months. The Moon and Uranus RG both signify taking action, be it external or internal. Meanwhile, the Sun sits under Libra in the 1st House of Self and Life Path. This is a time for laying the groundwork for future action, brick by brick. 

Where might this road lead your sign today?

It’s easy to tell when your work/life balance swings too heavily toward work. But it’s much harder to see when it’s gone too far in the other direction—that’s the fun side, after all. Still, the stars suggest your balance is a bit off.

Your usually grounded nature is starting to lighten up a bit, Taurus. Don’t let the butterflies in your stomach convince you it’s a bad thing. Indeed, the stars are aligning in your favor (even if it doesn’t seem that way right now).

As tempting as it might be to act on these feelings, the stars recommend waiting instead. A heightened emotional state does not make for the most rational of decisions. And besides, you might not have all the right information.

You’re on the precipice of great change, but you’ll have to make some adjustments first. Not every part of you can move on to this next chapter, and frankly, that’s a good thing. You’re better off without these negative habits anyway.

You’re a bit of a perfectionist. So, when things don’t go exactly according to your plans, you really let it get to you. This is the quickest way to lose gratification from the things you once loved. Try going with the flow for once.

Resist the urge to dig those skeletons out of your closet, Virgo. There’s a time and place for everything, but this isn’t it. Instead, evaluate why it’s so important to you to start this conflict. What are you trying to prove?

You’ve been feeling a little off-kilter lately, but the stars are beginning to align in your favor once again. External forces might try to rock your steadying ground—don’t let them. Stand firm in your beliefs and press on.

How you speak to yourself matters, Scorpio. If you don’t stop with this negative self-talk, then you’re going to keep feeling lousy. Try talking to yourself the way you would a friend. Chances are it’s far more compassionate.

Time and energy are both finite resources, and you should be careful how you spend them. You are not obliged to keep people in your life who drain or belittle you. In fact, the stars urge you not to.

Learning to trust yourself is an ongoing process, Cap. This won’t happen overnight. Try to roll with the punches as best you can. If you let them, these can serve as valuable learning (and growing) opportunities.

Is the world really against you, or have you alienated yourself from the world? You’ve been so focused on what others have done to you that you forgot about analyzing how you treat them. How much of this isolation is self-produced?

If you want to stand up for yourself, then make sure you’re willing to see it through. Don’t give up at the first sign of defense. Those who deserve to be in your life won’t mind that you’re placing healthy boundaries.

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