Your Daily Horoscope: September 30, 2022

On Friday, September 30th, the Sun moves in front of Makemake, the dwarf planet governing our sense of activism and connection to the environment. The Sun stands between the small celestial body and Jupiter retrograde, a phenomenon that encourages us to evaluate our inner beliefs, morality, and allegiances. A confrontation between fundamental truth and external circumstances is likely. 

What might that mean for your sign today?

How you spend your time matters, Aries. You take on elements of your external environment, both good and bad. So, if you’re noticing some unsavory habits or tendencies within yourself, it might be time to switch scenery.

A life lived solely in one’s comfort zone is a life hardly lived at all. As content as you might think you are right now, the stars urge you to shake things up. Just because something is familiar doesn’t mean it’s also beneficial.

Mistakes can be difficult for you to swallow. Indeed, your tolerance for failure is as low as your capacity for self-deprecation is high. But in experiencing this misstep, you’ve become wiser—and that’s a massive win in the long run.

There will always be a million reasons not to do something, Cancer. Don’t let a momentary setback convince you to give up the ghost. Periods of significant change are often uncomfortable, and this is certainly no exception.

Philanthropy for egotistical gain is hardly charitable, Leo. Evaluate your intentions behind this new project. Don’t disrespect the cause by approaching it in the wrong headspace. There are more important things in life than good optics. 

Things go wrong, so we know how to make them go right in the future. While this might be disheartening at the moment, these negative emotions will pass. Then, you’ll be left with keen hindsight and a clearer path forward.

Here you are, yet again, “keeping the peace” by sacrificing your inner peace. But this only pushes the conflict further down the road, Libra. Eventually, you’ll have to face it head-on. Why not get it out of the way now?

There is a significant change on your horizon, but you’ll have to do a bit of emotional legwork first. The stars urge you to dig deep and consider what burdens you can address, heal, or leave behind.

It might be worth reevaluating where your allegiances lie, Sag. People change all the time. It’s not unreasonable to find that someone close to you no longer aligns with your values. Nor is it unreasonable to move on.

You know this path better than you think. Despite what your insecurities might be telling you, you’ve come this far. So, it stands to reason that you can survive this next stretch, too. Have faith in yourself, Cap.

Don’t underestimate what you stand to learn from others, Aquarius. While you might be a trailblazer, you’re not the only trailblazer. Part of expanding your mind requires keeping it open. Give it a chance, at the very least.

The stars are aligning in your favor, Pisces. Ride this wave of creative energy for as long as the swell allows. You have planned and prepared for this. Now it’s time to show the universe what you’ve got.

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