Your Daily Horoscope: September 5, 2022


On Monday, September 5th, a waxing gibbous Moon reaches a harmonious trine with Venus as the lunar figure crosses from the 3rd to the 4th House. While the former House brought communicative energy to our emotional state, the latter promises a more foundational influence. Whether it fortifies or weakens it is ultimately up to you. 

What does that mean for your sign today?

You have one of two options, Aries. You can either let your past hurt empower you to ensure others don’t suffer as you did. Or you can use it as justification for spreading pain. Deep down, you know only one is truly worth doing.

The stars are offering you an invaluable moment to pause and assess. Don’t give it up just for the sake of being stubborn. Your momentum won’t be damaged by this break—but it might be if you refuse to take one.

Keep riding this productive wave while it lasts, Gemini. True, another one might come along. Or your creative energy could suffer a sudden drought. Do you really want to take your chances on the latter?

Relationships can end for several reasons, and none of them are particularly easy to handle. But in this case, you’re letting go of something negative to make room for the positive. This isn’t an ending; it’s just the beginning.

As much as it makes you cringe to look back on your past failures, that cringing is a good sign. It means you have the capacity (and willingness) to learn from these mistakes and become a better person. Keep moving forward, Leo.

A recent situation has brought about a new revelation: someone close to you wasn’t who you originally thought they were. While this is certainly a painful situation, it’s better to know now than even further down the road.

Don’t underestimate the impact of your external environment on your internal well-being. You’re a harmonious, peace-seeking individual. If your surroundings aren’t conducive to that lifestyle, then it might be time for you to make a change.

Despite your distrust of others, you tend to have faith in your ability to forge your way ahead. But now, the stars are suggesting you take a closer look at yourself. Are you being completely honest about how you feel?

Be wary of equating self-doubt with a poor decision, Sag. There is a fine line between listening to your intuition and engaging in self-destructive tendencies. Proceed cautiously, but don’t forget how far you’ve already come.

There’s a difference between having a handle on a situation and completely controlling it. While the stars might be offering you the former, the latter is never a guarantee. Do the best with what you have, Cap.

You’ve been struggling with this obstacle for a while now. Could it be because you know the solution—it’s just not one you like? Rest assured, Aquarius, this issue won’t go away simply by willing it to do so.

The discomfort you currently feel is likely indicative of great change happening in your subconscious mind. Molting into a new, better version of yourself will be a strange, awkward process. Trust it and yourself, and you’ll be fine.

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