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Zzzahara Enjoys Title Fight: Rising L.A. artist Zzzhara told us about their Title Fight experience.

Zzzahara: Growing up in Los Angeles, I have seen maybe 500+ shows, and that’s because I started going to them at age 11. Shout out to my awesome sitter, Roxanne, who would bring me to shows when she was taking care of me. I’ve seen My Chemical Romance at the release of Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge at the LA Sports Arena, Lady Gaga at Best Buy in Hollywood, Warped Tour 06 at the Dodger Stadium Parking Lot, original From First to Last, young Paramore, Best Coast with their debut album, early FYF, Make Music Pasadena, Eagle Rock Music Festival, shows at Mr. T’s bowling, hardcore shows at No Future Cafe, young Steve Aoki, and a Sonny Moore DJ set pre Skrillex at a quinceañera hall, which is now, Highland Park’s Lodgeroom. 

My favorite shows will always be anything in the punk and melodic hardcore era. I’m a nerd, I think I have seen Title Fight over 30 times in my lifetime. This band defines my teenage years in the tumblr hardcore / pop – punk era. I know their lyrics like the back of my hands. I had the opportunity to see them play songs from The Last Thing You Forget, Shed, and Floral Green. 

November 11th, 2012 at Eagle Rock Center for the arts is one of my favorite Title Fight shows. I think this was the last small crowd and intimate Title Fight show I had ever attended. Everyone in the room was a Title Fight die – hard fan and we were all screaming the lyrics so loudly. There was no standing still in that room and we were drenched heavily in sweat. The band’s chemistry glued together like no other bands I’ve seen before…watching Ned Russin and Jamie Rhoden exchanging vocals and punk riffs that night…was out of this world! Mad love forever to Title Fight, I wish they would come back, but if they don’t that’s cool too. I’ll always cherish the memories.

Zzzahara Enjoys Title Fight: Zzzahara plays the Echo on October 16. Their debut album Liminal Spaces is set for release on October 21. 





































































































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