The Key to Comfort – These Tips Will Make Relaxing At Home Even More Rejuvenating


I consider myself to be something of an expert at relaxation. In fact this is one of the things that helps me to be generally considered a highly positive and happy-go-lucky person. If only more people knew how to truly indulge themselves and properly relax, then we’d probably live in a much happier world.

Now everybody pretty much knows how to relax and it’s something we all do from time to time (I hope!). And we all relax in different ways: perhaps you relax by watching your favourite program on TV, or maybe you like to relax by reading a book. However you like to relax though you might well be missing out on some great opportunities to make this opportunity even more restful and even better at restoring your energy levels and fighting stress. Read on and I’ll share with you how to really unwind.

Bring Everything to One Spot

Tip number one is to prepare yourself to not have to move unless you absolutely have to for a good period of time. What this means is that you should make sure you have a flask of tea (so you can pour multiple cups), that you have a pile of different activities (several magazines and books for instance), that you have the TV remote right next to you and that your laptop is in reach. Having a snack to hand can help as well. This way you know that you don’t have to move for a good five minutes, which is great!

Turn Off

As in physically turn off. That means switching off your mobile or at least putting it on airplane mode and it means unplugging the landline for a bit. Sometimes you can feel as though a great weight has been lifted from your shoulders the minute you know that no-one is going to be able to contact you and ruin your moment of bliss.

Make Yourself Warm and Comfy

It goes without saying but it’s often overlooked. To really enjoy relaxation you need to be as comfortable as you possibly can be and often that goes hand in hand with being warm. Put on the  then and snuggle under a blanket. And even more effective is to have a warm bath which will relax all your muscles and get you to start producing some relaxation hormones.

Set an Alarm

Now alarms might not be considered restful, but by setting an alarm for when you have to get back to work you can that way forget about the time and instead just lose yourself to the reading/watching/gaming.

Revel in It

This is perhaps the most important aspect and the bit that many people forget. Once you have settled down to enjoy your moment of calm indulgence it’s crucial that you now recognize the awesomely comfortable situation you’re in. Remind yourself that you have X amount of time to enjoy this bubble of comfort and that you can do this a few times of week if you wish. Then snuggle up and feel the warm glow ensue…

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