3 Most Important Furniture Pieces In Your Kids’ Room


Your kids’ furniture might be the most appealing in your neighborhood. But don’t let that get into your head. No matter how beautiful the pieces of furniture are, your little ones will outgrow them. That is the harsh and heartbreaking reality of ‘kid size’ furniture. That mini dresser, tiny boat shaped bed and the nightstand – all of them will eventually part ways with your little angel. Fortunately, there are a few tips you can consider when investing in the furniture that can ensure they serve your children for long.

The bed

Purchase a sizeable bed that you and your kid can easily fit in. Sleepovers, bedtime stories, the flu, thunderstorms and the 30 minute negotiation that often goes on when trying to get your 5 year old in bed will force you to tuck in bed with the kid. You will then spend more time in bed with the kid than you think. Remember to buy a low profile bed complete with a padded headboard. You never know; sometimes it will be one book before bed, other nights it will be 4. Your head will spend a ton of time propped up the bed’s headboard. So make sure its soft enough to make you and your kid comfortable.

The dresser

Invest in a dresser that you will both use. In other words, the dresser you go for should incorporate a unique style and create something that you and your kid will love. It doesn’t have to be too complicated. It’s only a kid’s dresser after all. The most important thing is that it should be able to help your kid know and understand what it means to be organized.

The chair

Go for a chair that is sturdy enough to hold a last minute, adult tea party guest. How else will your kid feel like an adult? He or she has to see you ‘use’ some his or her furniture at some point. Then make sure that the chair has ample back rest to support your kid’s feeble back.

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